Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Driver Problem

So after the last post, an going out to dinner, I started reading up on the Yahoo Group for the BaoFeng UV-5R series, they point to a site I found last night and read through.

Turns out that with the chip in the USB to serial cable (chip built in to USB Plug), you have to use the right driver. I had the newer driver 3.4 something, and it would transmit at random. I down graded to the driver, and I haven't had it try to transmit yet.

So if you're having problems with random transmitting when you're trying to program your BaoFeng UV-5R or other, check your driver make sure you're using the right one.

When they said RF burns hurt they meant it.

So I recently got my Amateur Radio License, in the class they before the exam, they said RF burns really hurt. I can say they do.

Here's the details:

I have a Technician Class License. KD8VPJ.

I bought a BaoFeng UV-5R+. I'm using Chirp to program it.

When I have the HT plugged in to the computer, at random the transmit light starts. No idea why it's doing that. So I pulled the antenna off, and happened to pick the device up while the screen was Orange (transmit). I hit the spot where the antenna connects, while orange. Got a nice little RF burn on my middle finger. Man that hurts.