Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Last Night's workout and other thoughts

So here I am again, back to where I was in 2006. Just before Christmas and weighing 265lbs. Unlike the last time which was a slow road from 170 in 2003 to 265 in 2006, this one was shorter. Probably because 245 is the lightest I've been i the last couple of years.

I've ran 2 Tough Mudders. 1 in 2012, and one in 2013. I didn't run any this year. I haven't done much training in anything other than my mind in the last 2 years. Thanks to taking 9+ credits at term, and working full time. In fact I've gone to school year round (at least 1 class every term) for the last 2 years. I have my Bachelor of Science now, well... maybe / kind of. Graduation is Thursday, commencement Saturday, Final Grades next Tuesday. No idea when the actual paper will arrive.

But the not training has taken it's toll. I've tried. I had a small gym set up in my garage,  but lost it due to the basement flooding. I have no where else to put my power tower, or my heavy bag right now.

Last night was the first workout I've done in a while.

3 sets of 5:
5 push ups
1 arm rows, R/L @16kg kettlebell
goblet squats @16kg. kettlebell

10 2hand kettlebell swigns @ 16kg. The floor didn't like that.
10 R/L slow front kicks, toes above eye level. again, floor didn't like that.

I might grab some mats or something on the way home tonight.

Tonight's plan:
couch to 5k (even though used to be able to run 5k)
5-4-3-2-1 per side Turkish Get-ups (if I can find a stable spot in the house with a high enough ceiling).

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