Sunday, April 6, 2008


So I watched SiCKO, finally. It was really good. I did laugh pretty hard at the going to Cuba bit, but I guess that's just me.

It brings up some interesting things. Other countries have Socialized Health care and it's not as bad as they sell it to be. I have a friend in Canada that said, yes it is hard to get to see the specialist, because he's so busy.

France, 35 hour work week with 5 weeks vacation.

Then it hit me. I know why the Congress makes a big scare of "Socialized Health Care". It is not about the money they get from the lobbyists. It is not because of things like the Red Scare.

The sad truth is, the Congress, the President and lots of other people in government have really great health care. It is paid for by taxes.

I think the most striking truth from the movie however... Was the Old British Parlement member who said the US Government doesn't Fear the Citizens the Citizens fear the Government. However at the same time, he was only half right. The rich bastards running things do fear the poor and down trodden. Why else are they purging the voting rolls of people they know won't vote the way those in power want.

Lastly, to everyone else who thinks government ran things are bad and we shouldn't do it. Remember that the next time you're in a car accident and an ambulance shows up from the Fire department. Remember that the next time your house catches fire.

Remember socialized things are bad, when you need a cop to help you. You are threatened or attacked and you file a police report.

Lastly remember you want to do away with government paid agencies when you send your next bill out in the mail. Or check your mail box for your tax return.

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