Saturday, August 30, 2008

tonight's group workout

I've got a little red wagon to take the kettlebells up and down the hill with. I have to tighten some of the bolts. Still no Samantha. I'm being told in 2 weeks, since her mom and her can't make it next week. They have family coming in from out of town.

It really is fun to have people to work out with. They're catching on pretty quick. One has even went out and bought his own kettlebell. He got a 16kg. I talked him out of the 24kg. Some things he'd like to be heavier on, but other things the 16kg is harder than he can do. One of the Maintenance guys saw my KB while I was out to dinner last night (I worked 15 hours), he thought it was a 16lbs ball, meant to train bowlers. He said he was surprised at the weight when he picked it up yesterday. He asked what you do with it, and Nick (the guy that bought his own) said lots of things. He's hooked and infected.... He's going to try and drag one of his roomies out next week.

Tonight's Workout:
10 sumo deadlifts
10 dead swings
20 swings
10 release swings
10 r/l cheat curls
1 r/l windmills
Outlaw rope pullups (Mine were more like leg lifts, nick started it)
3 r/l turkish getups
10 wave squats
5 hill sprints

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

never thought I'd get to say this again

Kucinich for President.

If he had been allowed to speak like this at the so called "Debates" where it was a dog and pony show for Edwards, Clinton and Obamba, we'd be saying President Kucinich on Jan 20th 2009.

This is how you work a crowd.

Note to self

Do not do any other exercises after hill sprints.

Did 5 hill sprints at a park not too far from my house. 15 to 20 seconds up, 45 seconds down. 2 minutes total from the time I got to the top of the hill until I ran back up it.

I walked around the park afterwards.

I feel like I'm going to hurl

that is all


Yesterday, I had this huge plan to go and bust my butt. I was even geeked about it. Up until I pulled in my drive way.

For the last few months I've been slowly cleaning out my garage. It's a slow go. One of the reasons is, you're only allowed 2 large items a week. I have old kitchen cabinets, old grills, old hoses and other things in there. So I only put out 2 things at a time.

Yesterday I caught a Scrap collector, he offered to come back to my house in a few minutes. I ran in, changed, and started pulling a lot of metal out of my garage. Someone beat the guy to the small stuff, but I had more back there. We carried it out to his truck. It went pretty well.

Then my neighbor called me over because they had found an injured bird in their back yard and didn't know what to do. They figured I would because I have a parrot. The bird didn't make it through the night. Which is kind of sad.

However I have more space in my garage now. I could even turn my pull-up / dip / leg-lift stand if I wanted too.

Tonight, I'm going to do what I didn't yesterday. Hill Sprints (the second set for the week will be Saturday), bike ride, and kettlebells. I really want to try the workout that Dave Whitley sent out.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bike Ride

Not all my exercise is kettlebells... All summer, well since March or so, I've been wanting to ride my bike. I needed to put air in it, since both tires were flat.

I however always came up with an excuse to not do it. Today I said no more excuses. I got it and the compressor (I usually just use dive cylinders) out to fill the tires. Put both at 55psi. The tires say 45 to 60.

It took me a block just to get my balance back. I rode what I used to consider my 'warm up" route for roller-bladding route. 10 blocks (2.6 miles, total).

My thighs hurt. It was hard. Something else I'm going to have to build up on. That and roller-bladding.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Group workout

So it appears that I was too hard on the group last week. I didn't think we worked out all that hard, except for the hill sprints. However, yesterday Nick was saying he was still sore. He didn't show up today because he was going to visit his dad a little way up state.

Deb didn't bring Sam, because Sam had to work. We're changing the workout time to Saturday Evenings about 7pm (although I'm half tempted to say 5pm even though it'll be warmer), to accommodate Sammy.

So it was just Deb and myself. I figured that was ok, I can work her swings and other things, and focus in on problem areas. She had trouble last week with the swings.

I was starting with dead lifts. I told her to push her butt back further, she did... But couldn't get more than a 1/4 of the way down, because her Hamstrings were too tight.

So we stretched out and did some body weight stuff too. She said she was going to work her stretches this week because she really really wants to get in shape and likes the way that she felt. I can't wait to see how Nick is doing Monday. And by moving to later in the day, I might be able to get 1 to 2 more people to come join us (because while they said they wanted to work out, the morning was too early).

Today's "Group" workout:
Carry 24kg in one hand, 16kg and 12kg in the other hand, down the hill to the work out area.
5 Toe Touches, widening the feet each stretch holding for 10 seconds.
2 wide stretch lunges
10 Rock bottom squats with wiggles. (Deb was having problems with these, pushing her knees towards her toes but we cleaned it up).
5r / 5l side lunges (step sideways out into a side lunge).
3 - 3/4 unassisted pull-ups (only 2 were from dead hangs, the first one was from a standing start).
5 - Heavy band assisted pull-ups (perform better 2 1/2 inch superbands).
4 - Heavy band assisted pull-ups

Deb did 4 and 3.

Then it was time to carry the heavy weights back up the hill. 24kg in one hand, 16 and 12 kg in the other hand.
It's a lot harder going up the hill than it is going down the hill... I'm going to buy a wagon for next week.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Art of Strength: Kettlebell Clinic Volume 1 DVD

After wanting to get it since it came out, I ordered it last week. It arrived Monday, and I hadn't had time to watch it until last night. I still have the clinic part to watch on disc 1. I watched all the instruction section to take my mind off stuff that happened yesterday.

I liked it I thought it was really good. I can't wait to watch the whole thing again tonight. I think my one complaint is not being able to watch all the instruction chapters together. They're broken up into 6 chapters, with 3 sub-chapters each. Can watch all the sub-chapters all together, but not the chapters.

I can't wait to get to chapter 2.

A check list of all the drills would have been nice too. But I can make that as I watch it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ok, somethings just are not cool.

I'm not a McCain fan, but with all the garbage that has gone after 2001, this is just so not cool.

Some freak sent white powder to one of McCain's offices.

All that does, is make everyone look bad. It's just so not cool

Political burn out, information overload

I'm burnt out on politics right now. I could blog daily about everything going on, but I won't.

I'm also in information overload, when it comes to IT right now. So I'm adding a new section to the blog....

Since I'm into Kettlebells and strength training, and since I'm interacting with other Blogger people who are into the same things, I'm going to start tracking my workouts here. I was doing it in live journal, but see the part about interacting with people.