Thursday, November 13, 2008

pistol trainning

Using the door jambs, like Jen said.

Using mostly arms to get up and down right now. Have to use 2 different doors to do it.Just the way the house is set up right now. Can do 5 per leg, but like I said, mostly arm. I'm hoping by week end, that I'll be able to start doing pyramids. Hoping to have them down by Thanksgiving.

First Edit:
2 sets of 5 done. Legs burn.

I'm going for a 5 to 1 pyramid now.

Edit 2:
5 right, 5 left
4 right, 4 left
3 right, 3 left
2 right, 2 left
1 right, 1 left.

My right side is way more stronger than my left. More arm needed for left. but that could be because I have to use a higher grip on the left for that door jamb. I feel good, but need more work. A better area to do it in would be nice too.

My legs burn, in a good way. My fingers hurt from the grip from the door for the left, but not in as good a way.

Edit 3:
I found another way to do pistols, with the door. way more legs... and now they're starting to shake.

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