Monday, November 10, 2008

Single leg squat

I've made no progress on these, and I'm so thick sometimes.

IN my basement I have one of those oversized ball things. It used to sit upstairs, but the bird hates it like you wouldn't believe. Emergency Squawk on full when ever he is around it.

Anyway, I was thinking today, about trying to get my friend Ruth more motivated in working out. She's not doing much, but she's improved. I was thinking of offering to work out with her on the side, at her place. Yes I'm not a certified instructor, but I have been teaching Martial Arts off an don for the last 10 years or getting pretty close to it. Part of the training, is physical exercise. All body weight. well 99.99% body weight. In fact I'm at the rank now, where there are no new forms to learn. The point of this and the rank above it is to get better at teaching. Improve your skills by teaching others. And work on your endurance and strength.

Anyway I was thinking the ball in the basement to get her to start doing squats. While I was doing laundry today, it finally dawned on me to use it for SINGLE LEGGED SQUATS!

I was really sad when I tried. I get about half-way to the ball, about 1/4 of the way down in a single legged squat, and then my leg gives out and I just fall back the rest of the way. I can get back up if I rock forward and use the momentum to get up. The ball kept trying to move around on me too.


Jennifer said...

I've figured out that holding onto a door facing, facing the door facing with my leg sticking out allows me to get enough assistance to practice. Think about it.

Chris J said...

Much like using my indoor, attach to the door pullup bar, my doors aren't set up to allow me to do the 1 legged squat.