Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"So that's what that is"

Topic is a reference to the episode called talent night of reboot. If you've done computer rendering, you know what the cone, the box and the sphere is. In it, they had a group called the primitives, which was a band made of the box, the sphere and the cone. It was a very very nerdy in joke. At the end, they took the shape of the Reboot logo.

I bring this up, because while I can do a normal clean, I never thought of why you couldn't curl a clean, other than cheating. I went out to my car tonight to get my 16kg bell. I really need a 20. Anyway instead of doing a proper clean, I curled it into the clean position. Something didn't feel right in my shoulder when I did that. That didn't stop me from carrying it down in a clean (about half way) to an over head walk. I did a one hand farmer's walk in the building. my shoulder feels a little stiff now. I can't wait to take it back up the hill in the other hand.

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