Wednesday, December 24, 2008

10 from Combat Sports

The first time it felt good. the second time, I felt worked out. Now I think I'm just torturing myself.

Since I was shuffling the 20 card combat sports set this time... I took 10 from there. Combat Sports is all body weight.

Order I did these 10 in:
6 Sprawl
6 per side Rear Thrusting Kick
Double NEXT Card
6 per side Staggered Leg Push Up (which I had to repeat again).
6 Hip Up
6 Back Bend
6 Jump with Rotation, I think back and forth would work better for a count instead of each turn
6 Red Rover
20 seconds of Fingertip hold (think finger tip high plank). My fingers hate it. I could only do 16 seconds. Both my ring fingers hyper extend when I do that, even when I do finger tip push-ups.
8 Judo push-ups. Also known as Navy Seal Push-ups, Hindu Push-ups, and Dive Bomber Push-ups

And last set for today, since I'm leaving about 4:30, cleaning up some and going to a good old southern style christmas dinner.


Jennifer said...

I'm liking these fitdeck things. I might have to have some of these. Merry Christmas, my friend!

Chris J said...


Just don't expect much from the kettlebell deck. 1 card needs to be changed, 3 other cards need to be tossed. I'll do a review on that deck later.