Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 goals

Made my goal list for 2009.

Here it is, like always it's a living document.

Lower current debt, save more:
Use less plastic. Carry cash, leave debit card at home.

Transfer remaining checking balance to Emigrant Direct from previous pay on payday.
Create Orange Checking account. Direct Deposit rent + to it.
Learn and start using GnuCash
Look into getting a second job

Improve employability:

Read running Xen,
Get some virtual servers working with Open Source Xen.
Upgrade the Laptop to a larger hard drive.
Get a new Server system with VT chip set and working
500g to 1tb hard drive space
8 to 64g memory
VT Chip
ATX form factor
LPI Level 1:
Brush up on shell scripting
Read Running Linux, LPI Nutshell
Read Learning Perl, all the way through. Work on scripts.

Read CCNA books
Practice on the lab
Need power supply, Hex tap?
Then what?
CCVP(?), CCNP(?), CCSP(?)
Resume Update – rebuild resume from near scratch

Get down to 190lbs (from 240lbs)
ETK with 24 kg. (Goal April 26 2009)
Providence one a week, until I can go all the way through with 16kg
Newport after Providence
Martial Arts 3 times a week
FitDeck schedule and stick to it.
10 un-assisted pull ups by my birthday
100 push ups by May
Get Ring System

Martial Arts:
Ready for Black belt by Christmas 2009
First Gup requirements:
Pyung Ahn O Dan
Ba Sa Hee
Bow Staff
Chil Sung Il Ro
Chil Sung EE Ro
Knife form
10 take downs
Actually make it by 6pm every week
Attend Saturday Classes

Improve Education:
Get better at math:
Schaum's Elementary Algebra
Schaum's Intermediate Algebra

Read More:
Finish Hogan's Giant Novels (2 to go).
Beyond Fear - Bruce Schneier
Kathy Reichs
Assault on reason - Al Gore
Kathy Reichs
God Deliusion - Richard Dawkins
Kathy Reichs


Jennifer said...

DAMN, set some goals why don't you! My list later this week is gonna look wimpy. I'm almost ashamed to even think about it.

Chris J said...


A lot of those are carry overs from last year. Last year's weight loss goal was 210 from 260. I only got to 240. The Work related ones, some of the fiance ones, the math one.

The debt ones are reminders, and well measurable not really realistic. (Use less plastic and carry cash, leave debit card at home)

Some of it are just the steps to perform along the way that I think will help me archive my goals. So the list is really smaller, I just included what I think (at this time) what will help me get there.

Example, under xen, I've got the base requirements for a new server, and get a larger hard drive for my laptop. Under cisco, it's read 2 books, and play with a lab. To play with a lab, I have to get power for it, like the hex tap.

While it says 2009 Goals, it's more like a 2009 Road Map. Now that I have it I have to lay it out in my planer and set dead lines and time tables.

I also know some of them will carry over to next year. I've been trying to get re-certified in CISCO since 2005. I've got the skills, was certified in it before, but I have more to do, and other things come up, projects at work, that require me to focus on learning new stuff instead of regaining skills I lost.

Jennifer said...

Still...a lot to think about.

Chris J said...


As yo would say, who wants near-fetched dreams.