Sunday, December 7, 2008

Almost completely moved.

I forgot a few things at my Uncle's house. I'll run over there tomorrow and get them with the bird.

I'm not handling the stress well. Not sleeping much. 2 hours Friday Night. When I weighed myself Friday night before taking a shower I weighed in at 246lbs. After the move, I weighed myself on the scale at work (I came here just for the net access), I weighed 246 with all my clothes on. Which means I lost even more weight.

Thursday I was 249. I worked out hard, ate less. Friday I ate lightish. 3x total.

Yesterday, after 2 hours sleep, I ate 2 reese cups, and had some doctor pepper (around 1:30. My day started at 7:30. I ate diner around 6pm. Soup and a sandwich from Tim Hortons. Today the first thing I ate, was soup and a sandwich from Tim Hortons. I couldn't even finish it. Around 7pm I had an apple. I did feel like I had more energy about an hour after eating, than I did before eating.

Along with not handling the stress well, I'm not adapting to the move well either. I think the bird is doing a better job than I am.


Jennifer said...

Undoubtedly, moving sucks, but what about it is screwing up your mojo?

Chris J said...

cross between feeling guilty, feeling alone, feeling like I'm being mean to the bird (leaving him locked up in the cage all day). I'm sure I'll feel better when I get back to actually working next week.

Then again, not having a net connection, tv, or anything other than boxes every where isn't helping. I got my desk together yesterday for what little good that does right now.