Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bored at work

Sitting at work bored. Most people took today off, but I work in a department that needs to have people here. The manager wanted me here, because everyone else in our group, except the new girl, had the day off. Everyone else scheduled for more than just today off because they went out of town this week.

Anyway, bored and looking through my FitDecks. So I decided to shuffle the bodyweight one for a bit. then drew the top 10 cards. Only 8 were work out cards. Since I'm wearing work clothes (dress shoes, cargo pants, and a polo shirt (change the shoes and the shirt I'd be willing to go for a while)) I decided to do just the beginner level of the cards. This was before I knew that 2 of the cards were modifier cards.

In order I drew them:
40 vertical arm rotations
8 half situps (ie crunches)
8 kick backs (I did 8 per leg instead of switching halfway through like the card said)
30 seconds (intermediate level opps) Oblique bridge. (switch sides after time).
12 stationary lunges, switched after 6 per side. My right knee no liked.
20 seconds crab crawl. I just went back and forth in the space I had.
30 - second water break. I didn't take no 30 seconds
30 half jumping jacks. those were fun, but my legs kept going further than they should have.
8 staggered push-ups (I switched after 4 per side, my chest and arms are tight from the other workouts. Been tight for about a week. Only really notice it when I go to do more exercies though (usually push-ups))
Last Card: Double Next Card. Probably should have just doubled the push-ups.

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