Thursday, December 25, 2008

FitDeck Kettlebell, post workout review

I've used 3 decks now in different ways. The Combat Sports deck and the Body Weight Decks rock. The numbers on all the decks could be a little higher though for the more advanced people. I'm used to ETK in week 1, you're doing 20 swings and 1 minute active rest, for 12 minutes.

Also trying to workout on Christmas when you have no one else to answer the phone, or chase down the bird / keep him company is just a pain.

It also lets people know what they're in for before buying the deck. If I had known what the 18 exercise cards were, I would have probably skipped this deck. Which would have saved me money because I would have not got Military Madness (set of 6 cards), since I don't need stairs, I could have bought the 4 decks instead of the 6.

FitDeck Kettlebell workout, shuffle and draw:
Flip and Squat
Russian Twist
R/L Clean & Press
Alternating Swings
Wave Squat
L/R Suitcase Dead Lift
L/R Single Leg Dead Lift
Double the next card
Turkish Sit Up
[removed the rest of the list]

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