Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's a good day

I feel good today. I felt a little wore down when I got up. Lack of working out probably. Dragged my but to martial arts.

We did a light warm up. Lots of basic motions. Got my basic stances tweaked some. Lower stances. Lower stances burn the legs. Think squat on one leg, about 1/3 of the way to a full squat, roughly. Then hold it for about a minute. Wash and repeat.

This afternoon, I've worked some pull ups. Clean and press the 32kg bell. 20 push ups. More pull ups. a couple of bridges. I'm liking those by the way. Oh and some sumo dead lifts with 32kg bell. Plus I picked up my 45lb plates and put them on end of the pull up stand's legs. So I could do kip style pull ups (kick the knees up).

My legs aren't too bad. they're a little sore, the knees hurt on the sumo dead lifts (20 of them). My arms and back however hurt more. Those are sore and a little stiff.

Oh and my bird is trying to eat my face off.

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Jennifer said...

I got the mental image froma hitchcock movie. :)