Monday, December 29, 2008


And I want to, in almost 8 months, be able to do 10 un-assisted pull-ups?

Used the band again tonight, and the Pull Up FitDeck. Only did a couple of cards, and even at the beginner level, I would have to stop and take a break.

6 - Alternating grip
4 - 2 hand Outlaw rope pull-ups (even harder).
8 - Mountain Climber

They were not pretty. They were not easy. If other people were counting, some of them probably wouldn't have counted. I got up, but not always chin over the bar.

my arms hurt. By the way, it took about 20 minutes to do those.

Another thing I'm trying between now and then is Lat Loading. If you saw Dave Whitley's post on Engaging the Lat video, you'll know what I'm trying. Hanging from the Pull-Up bar and pulling the shoulders back into their sockets.

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