Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tried something new

So I tried something new last night, in the exercise realm. It was really fun actually. I know my form was off, and I was less than impressed with the instructor and senior people in the group. Mainly because they were doing it too, but not really saying that my form was wrong or how to fix what I didn't understand.

Really it was supposed to be instructor lead, but he just put the DVD in, and we followed along as best we could.

What was it? Yoga. And I actually feel good today. This is the loosest I felt in a long long time. I feel relaxed too. Look froward to doing it again, in about a month (no more classes until after the holidays). The apartment complex I live in, has free yoga classes on Mondays. I guess they have a Saturday class too... but my weekends are meant for sleeping in. If they weren't I'd be at martial arts, or kettlebell classes.


Jennifer said...

Yeah, Yoga's awesome. If you ever get a chance, actually take a class at a dedicated studio. Man, it's great.

Chris J said...

They said that's how this group used to be. They'd do it in the group exercise room, hard wood floor; mirror along one wall; mats, but they decided they wanted to follow along with a video series for a while to mix it up.