Friday, February 6, 2009

Last night at MA

So considering how well they fit the other week for yoga, I tried wearing my size 5 pants for martial arts last night. Big mistake. First water break I ran to the bathroom to change into my size 6. They were just too tight. So tight that it was distracting. not in the but area, but in the thighs and calves. They were interfering with my kicks. I'll try them again when I get down to around 225 to 230.

We did knife defense last night. It was great. some interesting kicks. Some forms, some other things...

I'm signed up for a self defense seminar on the 21st. That should be interesting. It's being put on by Hyperfit or it's owner I'm not sure which.

The bird made me mad this morning. He broke the zipper on my new coat. First bite he took and it broke a tooth. I threw him outside after he did it. Chased him around the front room, which he knows means he's been a bad bird. Actually opened the patio door and tossed him out. He flew around came back, I threw him out again. He did not like it. it was about 19f out when I did it. I don't know how much more of his biting and destructiveness I can take. He's been that way (bite and destructive since his wings grew back, and he could fly). He was very quiet when I let him back in. I put him in his cage, and there was no fuss. He squawked once, when I opened to the door to leave.

I was so mad when I left today, I forgot my lunch, which means going out to eat, and my other water bottle, which means once I'm done with 800ml, I'll have to get tap water. At least the machine that comes from is filtered, even if it does taste funny.

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