Saturday, February 14, 2009

That was fun

So a little while back, I noticed a flier on the community bill board out in the stairway of my building. It was for "Frozen Leap" and every time they said leap, it was quoted. It was a fund raiser for the American Heart Association. You had to have at least 2 people per team that was going to "leap". I'm semi-anti-social. I get along well enough with people, I just don't like going outside. So I don't know many people here, and I couldn't get any friends to sign up. Last week, talking to Kat, the person who does the classes here, she said I could join the employee team. Signed up yesterday, even raised $55.00.

I went out and bought a black martial arts uniform. I didn't know what the water would do to my white uniforms, so I bought a black one. I can't wear it to class yet, but it's still nice. I was going to use my current belt, but don't know what the water and wash would do to it, so I dug out my blue belt, which is 4th and 3rd gup at Grand Master Drouillard's school. I studied under him for a few months, and got the belt to match his school.

So I got dressed in "costume" and went to the lake. Team I was on, was up first. I was the fourth jumper (and the last) from out team. I did a flip, landing on my back, which was planned. It was my standard I'm having fun entry when I'm scuba diving. I was going to have someone video it for me, so I could youtube it, but my camera wouldn't work. When I left home it was 26 degrees fahrenheit. The water was 33. It was the awesome. A guy taking pictures showed me what it looked like with his SLR. I guess only 2 other people did flips.

Next year, I want to be in good enough shape to do a hand stand.

Anyway, I jumped in, and sunk to the bottom... Which tells me, I'm still negatively buoyant, which means less fat than muscle Woot! I stayed down for a few seconds. Then slowly exited the water. They gave me a rescue blanket to wrap around me, I walked up with it hanging off my arm. Controlling my body to keep it from shivering (which was very hard) and slowly walked up the hill to the warm up tent.

It was so much fun. I'm hoping to get a coy of the video from the team captain on Monday.

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