Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today in class

So I was called first. The 3rd degree black belt showed up about 3 minutes after I did. So he ran the class. Which was enough pressure off me. My teaching confidence is a little shook after the Self Defense class.

It was an informal class, so we didn't have to wear uniforms. It is the way that black belt rolls. Saturday is usually less formal, since it's a drop in class. We can get away with wearing black pants and not being a black belt on Saturday. Not that many of us do.

Nice stretching at the beginning. One of the green belts did the 5 minute warm up. Standard ROM, with deep squats. Then some stretch kicks. Then basic motions, then forms. Last 15 minutes was open, we did 1 steps.

By the time I got home, after going to the banks, and lunch, I crashed hard. Really tired. Right after I got into bed, the door "chime" rang. The box I was expecting Monday came today. Had the two practice knives and the blocker in it.

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