Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've been fighting 1 for the last few weeks. I can do it, but not cross 2.

Today, 1 unassisted was to the chest. 2 was chin over the bar.

I'm getting better at pull ups. WOOT!!!

figures this would happen after I ordered more bands


Jennifer said...

Strong work, Chris. I'm really happy for you.

Chris J said...


Have you tried without the band yet? See if you can get one? I don't know how thick your green band is, but I'm using 1 3/4 inch right now, and can get to 2.

I can do 5 at a time with the band, doing the grease the groove method.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I can get about an inch without the bands. I can almost get my chin to the bar with the 50# band and can do 5 or so with the 75# band. I'm not sure how wide they are. I need to GTG, but for whatever reason, I'm having issues getting going with that.

Chris J said...

I wish I knew how much weight my super bands were taking for me at any given time. I haven't found anything yet that says size x is y# of resistance or assistance.

Jennifer said...

Honestly, I had forgotten and had to look it up.

Chris J said...

Yeah, but you have that information. The superband stuff doesn't.

and the 1 inch band.. it feels like I don't have anything there.