Monday, March 9, 2009


Last Monday was yoga. It was hard. I couldn't keep up. My feet hurt. It was my first day back after 2 weeks off. I don't do Yoga on Mondays. I use some stances for stretching later, but not focused on the breathing or caring when I do the stretch.

Tuesday Martial Arts. It was good. However, during free fighting, I caught a back fist in the jaw. He throws them all the time, and almost never connects. It wasn't even hard, but he hit the sweet spot. Right between the bottom of the jaw and the ear. Where the jaw bends up to connect to the skull. When he hit, I saw stars, and both ears started to ring. Then I got really really dizy. Ended up sitting out the rest of the class. The jaw is still a little tender to the touch but not much.

Wednesday's Self Defense class went much better. The ladies class had yet another new member. I taught her how to do the basics. Hopefully she'll come back. The second class was back to full strength. They learned one step fighting. The first 3. We'll do more of that this week.

Thursday was martial arts test night. 2 people tested. I was not in that group. The third Dan said to make them hurt when I was told to do the warm up my the master. We did lots of body weight drills. Then we did lots of kicks. Lots and lots of kicks. 2 minute drill on the B.O.B. Then we practiced some other kicks.

Friday I did some pull ups.

Saturday, lots of basic motions, then the rest of the class was all about the Bo Staff. I was told I'll probably be expected to train around July. Which is a problem. I need to get in better shape first. I said I won't take my next test until I can fit in a size 5 uniform. That means at least 20 lbs, in 16 weeks. And I'm hoping my numbers are right. I don't want test in a uniform without patches, and I don't want to cut the patches off my size 5s.

Sunday, more pull ups and some extra body weight drills.

Tonight, Yoga mixed with Palaties. I feel more worked out tonight than I did last week, even though last week was harder. That was on top of going up and down the 12 flights of stairs when I took my brother to the hospital today. I noticed it when I tried to go up to the "Adult" section at the library. I started climbing the second set of stairs, after the first landing (only 2 floors) and my legs started screaming and I was wondering why I was on the steps.

I also tried to do some burpees today at work. Saw a better way to do them, but when I kicked back, that toe I was talking about above... it hurt when it hit the ground.

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