Sunday, March 22, 2009

Injuries update

So as I said before, I hyper extended my ankle in January, by having about 420 lbs on it, with it bent at a funny angle. I've broken (hair line fracture with a hyper extension) the same ankle my senior year in high school (1995). Which is really part of the main reason I didn't apply to the NAVY after high school (I didn't think I'd really amount to much in my adult life. Wow was I wrong).

Being it was winter and the apartment complex I live at not really keeping the parking lot in great shape, lots of black ice, I kept aggravating it by slipping on the ice. I'd never fall, but my legs would go out from under me, and either stop on pavement, or stop when my legs to the extent of my stretch. But each time, I'd feel the a sharp pain in my ankle.

In February, I finally got the time to go get a brace for it. It took about 3 weeks of trying. Between getting off work late, rushing to class, and trying to stay off my feet as much as possible, it just didn't work out to well trying to get it.

The first martial arts class I wore it to, the second time I wore it and I only wear it for training, I didn't get my toes pulled back far enough for a kick, and jammed (most likely broke) my big toe. There is also a problem across the top of my foot from the brace, where the brace ends. not sure if it's stress or what, from the limited movement of my foot while in the brace.

Between the two injuries, I've found it hard to work out. Even body weight drills hurt those spots. Burpees were like being smashed on that toe every time I kicked back, push ups, had to be done on one leg (been there before too), doing squats bothered the ankle (which I talked about here before). Even KB swings bothered it. Yoga and MA haven't been much fun either. SD hasn't been too bad, because I can stand around most of the time and not do the workout with the students.

Thursday I tried to do MA without the brace, and ended up having to put the brace on 20 minutes into the class. One of the 5th gups (green belts) said he could tell my ankle was bothering me, because he was taking longer steps than I was (he's shorter than me).

Last week I did a set of burpees, and man did it hurt bother the toe, it probably would have been worse if I hadn't been wearing my shoes at the time.

I've done KB swings the last 2 days. For the first time in over a month. They still bother the ankle, and burpees still bother the toe. I've lost a bit of ground, but hope to make it back up quickly.

What brought this up, was an RKC friend of mine (Sandy Sommer) asking if I was going to do the Dragon Door cert, and asked if I've been doing any of the workouts he's sent me.

Sadly I haven't, and I feel bad about that. that reminds me, Anthony C asked me to take part in his burpee challenge but I can't do that either. At least not yet.

I do have a couple of drills that Sandy sent me saved, and I make it a point to read them when he sends them out. I just can't wait to be able to do things again, injury free. I'll have ground to make up, but once I do, this will be a great year.

Although, I have been able to keep my morning weight in weight below 240 all weekend. Sometimes it's the small winds that keep you going.

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