Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Martial Arts and random health

So Punch Gym is selling Polar heart rate monitors. After some discussion on the forum, I found out I can re-calibrate my polar myself. Something the Big Box Gym I belonged to said I couldn't do. I left the Big Box Gym for more reasons than just cost.

Anyway they say not to work out the day before doing the test. I blew that one. But here is what the test was yesterday.

HR Max 189
HR Sit 60
VO2 Max 34

Not the best numbers, but they're mine. All I can do is try to improve them.

Last night at Martial Arts, we had one of the kids move from the kid's class to the Adult class. He's 13, and almost as tall as me. He was told it's a big step up. Things are harder, we do more work, harder work and with way more discipline then the kids class.

During one of the water breaks, he said that yes, the adult class is a big step up from the kids class. I looked at him and said this is nothing, this is a light night. I thought for sure he was going to collapse on the spot. I was serious when I said that. He's also been told that I'm the push up master by one of the other students. Not because I can do the most in a row, but because I know the most kinds of push ups to do, and can do ones no one else can.

Last night was light.
Jumping jacks and Range of Motion
basic motions
kick drills
some forms
free fighting

we didn't do all the forms, didn't get into any one steps, push ups, take downs, knife or club defense, or things like that.

Calories burnt were about 750 over 1 hour 45 minutes.

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