Monday, April 13, 2009

More Martial Arts

So Thursday was test night. Not for me. Those testing got to avoid the new physical requirements.

in order to test out of my current rank I'll have to do 45 push ups, and 45 sit ups. Non-Stop.

Today I decided to practice. I can do 25 situps. I haven't been working push-ups and dropped at 25 also. Then just to have fun, I did 25 squats. This was all before breakfast.

The squats winded me like I couldn't believe, and I could have done even more of them, but stopped just to have matching numbers.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try for 26 of each. I'll try to add 1 a day, for the next 20 days. In other words, I'll be doing this until Friday if I'm lucky, and then go back to not doing it, and complaining how much I suck because I can't keep motivated.

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