Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something intersteing

Not in a good way though.

So there is a kid in the kid's class. He kind of reminds me of me at his age and rank. His own ego and disruptive attitude get in the way of being a good student.

When he started, he managed to hurt himself and kept sitting on the side of the class while everyone else was doing their forms. I think he's been faking more than not, but meh.

The other day, he was kiaping on all his motions in the forms "so he'd have more power". Then wanted to argue with the person working as his instructor.

Last week he was complaining about being sore, and gold bricking it. And yes he was gold bricking. Being sore when he didn't want to do the work, but jumping right back in when it was something interesting.

Today, he was fing up again, and getting personal attention from the same person. The Head Master put a stop to it, and said we don't have time to work 1 on 1 with students.

The other 2nd gup (second rank red belt) was teaching class. He'll make people hold their motions. Our rank, we have to teach. that's part of the requirement. I'm pretty good (or so the parents tell me, but I run my own Self Defense school on the side too, so that counts for my teaching as well), but he needs the practice. Anyway T was making them hold the motions too long. And half the kids were lost on the forms. So I fell in at the back to be a model to base they're moves off of. Had a 7th gup (orange belt) take the front. T and B (4th gup, 3rd green belt), would go around adjusting people.

People, including the problem child, were moving around. So I made everyone do Push Ups. 15. Hold the last one in the down position for a 10 count in Korean. about 10 seconds. B got excited (he loves push ups, and knows I require nice numbers). We do the push ups with the kids. PC started snarling and giving me dirty looks. I don't care.

he's closet to me and still being all "mean" about holding his motions. Snarling and sneering and the like. I told him to knock it off. He said it hurts. I'm in the same motion, with an injured shoulder, and I'm not snarling. Don't even try to pull that one one me.

Anyway end of class, when they were lining up he started shoving one of the other white belts around. I told him to knock it off. They lined up. After class, before mine, I pulled him to the side to tell him how to breath, breathing faster just makes it hurt sooner. A lie, but he needs to slow his breathing down, to get more centered.

Anyway he tells me he thinks he's the best white belt in the class (not even close), and that the others are holding him back because of their mistakes. He said if the one kid doesn't shape up he'd beat him up.

I told him to knock it off, he's not the best. Their mistakes are not holding him back, his own are. Practice on the breathing, and if he tried to beat up another student, he'd be tossed from the class.

Of course, the first 10 minutes of my class was the adult "instructors" getting a dressing down from the masters, for holding the motions and taking to long (not my fault, the head master even said I was the one that got it, which is when I called the orange belt over to be a guide going forward). After the masters finished I told them the issue with PC.

I'm going to have to getup early from now on. Get to work at 8, and to martial arts at 6. I'm going to take a personal interest in PC. Mainly because he does remind me of me, at his age and rank (yes I was an 8 year old when I was a white belt, 24 years ago). It also took me 2 years to stop being a white belt. Part because of my attitude, part because I refused to test for the higher rank. I was afraid of failing.

And I'm still not a black belt. 12 years off as an 8th gup Orange belt. 8th gup isn't used any more at my school. Then a year off because of work. Then 4 years off because of a drunk with a car. But it's still considered 24 years of Martial Arts, because while you'll forget your forms, your body remembers and hones the punch and kick. ;-)

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