Friday, May 8, 2009

computer stuff

So yesterday, because I really wanted my laptop to run Open Office 3, instead of Open Office 2.4, I upgraded my distro. I run Sidux, which is a mash of Debian testing and Debian unstable.

Turns out that they've upgraded the Xserver software, and in the course of the upgrade things got broke on my box. If I want to access my laptop as a text only console device, with no gui, it's fine. However I use my laptop as my everyday computer.

I finally ordered the new hard drive I wanted for the laptop. 320 gig, 7200rpm I should get it Tuesday. Problem is I don't know what I want to run on it as my OS. The reason I went with Sidux to begin with, was because it was the only distro that supported my wireless card at the time. However there are things about it I don't like.

Here are the choices:
Sidux - not happy with some of the changes they made / some programs they use (like ceni)

Knoppix - Used to be great, but I don't think it's the linux swiss army knife. New installer isn't that great either. Doesn't work unless you use the FS they want you to. I like ext3, but I can't use it with there install. there was other issues I had with it to.

Debian - It's nice, and I think a great base, but come on 4 DVDs for an install? Seriously. Ok downloaded the netinst cd. But No live cd, so I can't make sure things work before installing

Gentoo - I've only "successfully" installed it once, and even then I didn't have a GUI. It was on work's laptop.

Not being considered: Anything Redhat based. I use Redhat, Centos, and Fedora at work, I just don't care for them that much. Ubuntu, same reason, even though I don't use it at work.

Until I get the new drive, I'll be running a live cd. I've got a few to play with the next few days. It'll be nice to clean some of the crap off the box to.

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