Friday, May 22, 2009

Hurts to type

3rd post tonight, and some edits to it and the last one.

It hurts to type, but I feel good right now. Good is a retaliative term. Compared to earlier.

Tried to do the Workout tonight at Joust Fitness. Feng was running it.

I wrapped the wrist with a wrist wrap from ace. Brought in one of my 16kg Dragon Door kettlebells. Used that for the warm up. 45 seconds swing, figure 8, TGU Situp (just the sit up part of the TGU) right then left.

I tore that up. it felt good. didn't bother my wrist.

Then the WOD was 400m run. Those kill me. Any run does. I used to be good at running but that was a long time ago. Now if I run that's it, I'm hurting the rest of the time.

Dead snatches. Tried 24kg for those. Could do the Right, but controlling the bell was just too hard with the left. Regardless of what size weight I used.

Couldn't do the pushups (tricept pushups on the kettlebell). Wrist couldn't do it. first round I tried ring rows, but it started to hurt the hand and wrist too. second round I tried polly box knuckle pushups. third round, whole hand hurt so I put the forearm on one, and did all the work on the right side.

Goblet squats I couldn't even hold the bell, ended up doing rock bottom squats. tried right hand clean squats at 16kg, something I can do, but my shoulder was saying No Mas after the ring rows.

Add to it I was trying to jog the 400m run, usually ended up walking. I really can't run. I feel bad being so slow and taking forever, I try to go faster, but just suck. Feng called my workout after round 3. we were out of time, and they had another group coming in after me.

I don't think going and working out to day was a wise move, but I don't believe in letting an injury stop me. It'll slow me down, it'll prevent what I can do, but it will not stop me. If let it stop me, I would have let it stop me from walking again. it's what makes me, me. Wise probably not, not going to surrender... Damn the torpedoes.

Watching the wings game. Lost track of the time and missed the huge hit. Friend called and asked me what was wrong with me. First I got to watch was the Wings killing the 5 minute power play against them. If Zetaburg would have got the breakaway short handed goal Chicago Blackhawks would be busted.

I'm a skeptic year round. But when it comes to hockey I suspend my skeptic ways, and buy in to the superstition. Grow a beard with my team. Wear the Jerseys. I have 4. Detroit was hurting. down 3 nothing about 1/2 through the second. I got out my Newest Jersey, bought it a few years ago. Red, winged wheel, number 9 on the sides and back. The only thing about it that's not right is it actually says Howe on the back. Gordie's didn't from what I can tell.

But as I put it on, Wings went on the power play. And got the first goal. Now they're tied going into the 3rd.

Only down side, Captain is trying to eat the jersey. I keep having to chase him off.

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Feng said...

Hey Chris! Great having you in class yesterday. Am sorry about your wrist -- as you might have noticed, I prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to training while injured. Like you, I don't believe in ceasing training entirely, but scaling can be incredibly helpful in such circumstances. As I learnt in the Army, your goal should always be to live to fight another day.