Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Knoppix 6 and SSH

I've noticed a few trends in my visitor lists. One is people looking for information about Knoppix version 6 and ssh.

As I've said before I like my Gnu/Linux a little harder. I installed Knoppix 6 on a laptop at work and ssh was not included. No server, no client.

It is included on the Live CD, and can be ran from the live cd. However when I did the install, it was not there. To get it, I had to do the following:

root@Microknoppix:~# apt-cache search ssh
root@Microknoppix:~# apt-get install openssh-client

The above commands are tested from the live cd. On an installed system your milage may vary.

*EDIT - 2010/04/22

I've revisited this. Running Knoppix on VirtualBox.

Knoppix 6.2, LXDE. Click the desktop menu button, and under preferences Start SSH.

Aptitude had the ssh server listed when I searched for ssh, with the sourcelist that was installed from the LiveCD


Normalex said...

Did you notice there is no openssh-server in repository?
Can't find anywhere on how to start ssh server in Knoppix V6+

Chris J said...


it's been a while since I looked at knoppix. But it used to be there. Downloading another copy now.

used to be from the cli:
apt-cache search ssh
apt-get install ssh
adjust the configs
/etc/init.d/ssh start