Friday, May 29, 2009

Last night Tang Soo Do.

Last night was awesome. Got to class before it started. Took one of my 16kg kettlebells in with me. Changed in to my uniform, and then started my workout.

My goal was 100 continuous swings. No stopping.

I did all 100, I mixed it up starting and ending with two hand swings, right and left hand swings, and a couple of hand to hand swings when I changed hands.

By 70 my glutes and hammys were on fire. But I pushed through. Some of the kids in the kids class, about 2/3 of them were watching me, along with the masters.

Then I ran the kids class. Started with jumping jacks. The rule was be at the top when I'm at the top. Started at regular speed for the first 5, then the second 5 were at double speed, the last 20 were at triple speed. From there we went into buprees. They didn't keep count for the first half, about 8 or so. I kept cound for the last half. 8. So about 16 in all.

Then we did Range of Motion, look up and down a couple of times. left to right, rotate the neck around, windmill the arms forward and back, twist at the waist, circle the hips, rotate the knees, rotate the elbows and right ankle, rotate the wrists and left ankle.

After the windmills since our arms were straight out, I had them do static lunges. Right then left equals 1.

Then we did some stretching of the legs, toe touches and things. double wide legs (started at shoulder width), walked it out, we did our best to do 2 1-arm push ups. switch hands repeat. Then we did 20 twisting situps. and finally finished the warm up with 25 push ups.

While we were doing this, one kid was testing, and the other master got out the mats for break falls.

Demonstrated the front fall roll, helped the kids through it twice. Then we got three kick shields out, stacked them on top of each other, and let the colored belts (higher in rank than the white belt) jump and do the roll over them. Then I got out one of the community center's plastic high chairs, and cleared that without even trying. the parents were impressed.

Then we did side falls, and back falls. Then showed them how to do a take down, a simple one, and let them try 2x each. After that was one steps, then class ended.

8 kids got promoted last night. 4 white to orange, 3 orange to green, 1 green got a stripe. I think the last one messed himself out of a double promotion. There was talk before the test day that they were thinking about doubling him. He's had a slight attitude problem of late though. Not really putting effort into things, including his breaking. I think that's what kept him from getting doubled.

See he's in the front row, because of his rank and the class size. When we were doing the push-ups, when he thought I wasn't looking, he'd not do them. During the second set of burpees (10 more for punishment because people were talking), he wasn't jumping. Some of the others were not either. I said next person who doesn't jump, causes these to become harder (full body attack, deck squats instead of rock bottom squats). Everyone started to jump after that was said.

Then the adult class.
We didn't do a warm up. See the adult class is supposed to start at 7:00, but due to space we don't usually get started until 7:30, and have to waste even more time on the warm up, what 7-7:30 is supposed to be. At 7:10, I told the other 2nd gup (I've got time in rank and closer to my black belt than he is at this time) to warm the adults up. One adult came in at 7:30, and wasn't happy that we were already lined up and warmed up. The masters are trying to get us more space so we can start at 7:00 like we are supposed to.

Anyway we went straight into basic motions, combo motions and jump kicks. for the second time that night, I had sweat dripping off me heavily.

Then we did break falls, same as above, but 4 of us went over the high chair. :-) We also added 2, back roll to fighting stance, and front dead fall. I think only 2 of us can manage from a full stand on the dead fall.

Then we did forms. I kept messing up for some reason. Finished with some sparing. Then we had our the promotions for our class. 1 white to orange, 2 Green 2 stripe (4th gup) to red no stripe (3rd gup).

It'll be nice in the fall, to have 4 red belts up front. We're going into our 6 week break now, last class is tomorrow, we might have 4 red belts there, but probably not. I probably won't make it. I also know that T, the other 2nd gup won't be there for the summer.


Anonymous said...

Where do you train? Do you hit each other sparring?

Chris J said...

@anonymous The main school in Allan Park. It's been around for 41 years. Only on it's second master. Founding Master passed away in the 90s, his son owns the school, but one of the other Masters that the original Master trained runs the day to day ops.

Light contact in the adult class. About the same you'd find in a tournament. Some of us are less light than others. Depends on who we're fighting though. Some of us are a little hard. It's a verbal agreement though. We train like our life is on the line, like it would be in a real fight. Just between about 5 of us. Not hard enough to really hurt. Bruise might last a few weeks though.

Anonymous said...

If you'd like to try something different, please join us at Combat Sports and Fitness in Westland.

6pm Tabata and Sanda class

730 Eddie Bravo Rubber Guard class.

We hit each other in sparring pretty hard though.

Chris J said...


I might have to try that. Although I have to be careful about being hit in the head though. Doctors said if I ever get hit hard enough again, I won't be getting back up. Damage from being hit by a car, in 03. Is that the normal schedule for the week, or just for Thursday? I'm on 6 weeks off from my school, but Wednesday nights are my only "open" training night.

Anonymous said...

That's Monday to Thursday.

Even have afternoon classes around 12pm.

Those can be cardio, kickboxing or grappling.

I watch my brain too after 5 training concussions.

Sparring is a "hit as hard as you want to get hit"

I'd like to get into the Kettlebell training, but 2 places that teach it are out of my price range.


Chris J said...


What places are those? Wateman (Bob Budai RKC) isn't too bad price wise. Don't remember. It's a large class in the store in Livonia.

I go to an AKC / Crossfit place on most Fridays (they're going for their RKCs this month), that is 20.00 a session.

I'll try to make it out to your place next week.