Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life lately

So I haven't been to a kettlebell class for the last 2 weeks. Mostly because of bad timing. 2 weeks ago, I made it to class late, wasn't going to change and play catch up since they were mostly done with their warm up. Last week I didn't get out of work on time. 10 hour shift. Wasn't supposed to be but bad things happened and it took a while to get out of here.

I've played around with some on my own but nothing serious. I did some swings last night focusing on my hip snap and tightening the glutes... Man did that hurt. But in a good way. it was only 20 swings, @ 24kg but man. MAN. I might try it tonight (after I get back from the funeral home) with 32kg.

Martial Arts:
I haven't made it to the Saturday classes, I've been getting up to late to go. Usually waking up half way through the class. Otherwise nothing major going on in class. One of our Masters passed away over on Sunday. He hasn't been to our school in a long time.

The only other thing Martial Arts wise, we did free fighting again last night. I was all over the tall guy, faced him twice, and the fast guy, faced him once. T has gotten a little better at control. I only have one bruise in my arm. Not even sure it's from him though. Could be from J. I was blocking and countering as fast as T could throw things. He also got my foot stomps. I'll step on a person's foot to hold them there, while I pound. I've never been able to do that with him before.

J kept running all over the place, and having to stop to catch his breath. He's got a better body shape than I do, but I guess I'm actually in better shape than he is. Second fight, less than a minute in, he was soaked in sweat, backed off, doubled over and saying no more.

Oh, and when I give out punishments now, we do burpees not push ups. Next will be full body attacks (deck squat to a push up to a squat to a jump). Some people enjoy doing push ups, and don't care if that's the "punishment". So I made it harder.

A guy who was a black belt when I was a kid, and a master when I went back to MA as an adult, passed away over the weekend. He was pretty young, 53 years old. He got melanoma and it wasn't caught until it was already in stage 4. Meaning it was into his internal organs. Treatment didn't go to well, and he's been at home in a hospice environment for the last few weeks. He was a 6th Dan, but probably should have been 7th (Grand Master), my master (who is older and been a DAN as long if not longer (5th dan)) said he's going to refer to Master Burns as a Grand Master.

Back in 2002, the city closed my school for the summer. We train out of the community center, and they didn't think there was enough people to justify having summer classes. So I went and trained under Grand Master Drouillard. Master Burns would pretty much run the class. The grand master would turn it over to him to run.

I'm going to the viewing tonight, and the funeral tomorrow. Even though I knew who he was, and trained under him at one point, I still feel like an impostor for going. I doubt he'd have known or remembered me, if he was healthy.

Other things:
Been working on pull ups and push ups. I can do 4 assisted pull ups with a Super Band, the 1 and 3/4 inch one. Did 5 sets of 10 pushups last night.

Captain's feathers have grown back pretty well, from his accident. Took him to get his claws trimmed over the weekend. That was fun.

Haven't been to yoga for 2 weeks now either. Yoga Mondays, kettlebell class Fridays.

Work is work.

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