Friday, May 8, 2009

Martial Arts stuff

So Tuesday, we had a big Sparing session. No gear, just the groin protection if you were wearing it. I always wear mine. Mistakes happen.

One guy, same rank as me, we'll call him T, is about 14, light, fast, no power, no control. Another guy, we'll call him J, about 200lbs and 6'4". I had to fight both of them. One could out move me, one could out reach me.

At the end of the class the other night, the 3rd Dan pulled me and T of to the side after class. Said our fighting styles complemented each other on the multi-opponent fights. I've got control and targeting, T had the speed. T usually leaves me bruised and in pain the next day after fighting him. Wednesday was no different. He can get multiple shots off and since he lacks control to pull the punches, well I get bruised ribs.

J moves in and out of my range, and uses his long limbs as a way to beat me like a dog.

This lead me to asking on the AOS forum for tips to increase my speed. I used to be as fast as T. After a long conversation, with people, I've changed my workout a little bit. 32kg is a lot harder than 24. Still going to use 24 for etk. don't know what I'm going to use tonight for the KB class.

However something else the conversation on the forum did. It reminded me of the way I used to train. The speed and agility drills.

I tossed those in to the workout pile the last 2 days. Speed jumping jacks, jumping the box (out line of a box on the ground, and you jump around to different parts of the box), burpees as fast as you can (I can do 10 pretty quickly turns out, found out last night), and a new one, pushup to jump to run (no idea what it's really called. Start in a pushup, jump up, turn 180 and sprint).

Last night in sparing, there was targeting, power, control, and SPEED. No one could get away from me. T actually ran and hid behind one of the heavy bags to keep back. He was in shock. I was moving faster than he was. J, couldn't keep from being cornered. He'd back up to use his reach, I'd jam in on him, and he'd have no where to go, because he'd back into the wall.

It was awesome. I'm also not bruised today. Although T did get a good judo chop to the back of my ear at one point, but there wasn't a lot of power to it.

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