Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More laptop woes

Quick history of the laptop.

It's a Thinkpad T60. I bought it when Compusa was having their "going out of business" sale. When my desktop died, I switched over to the laptop as my main system. That was about 2 years ago. Some people have admitted surprise in not having a new desktop system to replace the old one, but truth is, I just can't afford it.

Things I've done to the laptop:
Replaced the maleware that is Windows, that came with it, with Linux
Upgraded the memory to 4gig
Replaced the CPU to have a chip that had VT technology
Replaced the hard drive, with a larger faster drive.

This week, the battery light started blinking orange. the battery itself said that it was nearly fully charged. I've had issues with the lights on the system before like the wireless indicator light not flashing while using wireless. The lack of a flashing light there had to do with the Linux Kernel.

Anyway, looking up the flashing battery light via Google, it looks like an issue with the battery's safety fuse being blown. It also sounds like a common problem. Lenovo replaced the batteries last year, but I didn't know about the problem, nor did I have problems with my battery. They're no longer offering the battery replacement program. Not sure if my battery qualified anyway.

So looks like I have to buy a new battery now. :-(

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