Sunday, July 26, 2009

eh, more injuries

Elbow still hurts, I bounced up to 235.5 this week, back down to 233 today. Ate way too much fast food this week.

Yesterday at Tang Soo Do, while sparing, I blocked and went for a grab on a kick. the guy kept throwing them, even though I was blocking each one. I was going to grab lift and pull, but my index finger on the left hand (what is it about jacking my left side) got jammed up. the palm side of the knuckle is purple. the finger is 2x the size of normal, and it's hard to bend it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just a short one today

231.5 lbs.

Considering that my meals over the weekend included pre-made toco chip dip (got at a store), 12 wings at buffalo wild wings, a water downed Guiness at Bdubs, and this really good Coffee beer a buddy brought to a party, I'm impressed.

More impressive, since I bounced up to 236 at one point last week, around Wednesday.

*edit: A friend pointed out that I typo'd the weights.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

it's been that long?

5 sets of 3 rep pull ups.

push ups

Never made it to the fit deck, probably just as good.

Tang Soo Do, with lots of squats and lunges for good measure. The place is giving us a hard time about the space again. Not having anywhere to put us. Well gee... If you don't have space for us for us to start at 7pm like you said we would have, I don't think I have the $50.00 for 2 months to pay you... I'll give you 40 instead how does that sound?

Then came home and did ETK.
7 rounds

5 sets of 3 rep pull ups.


5 sets of warm up, 5 left right TGU. Dropped the 24kg bell on both sides in the last set. Hurt my elbow in the process. Bell was falling towards my face from the lunge position of the getup, used the left to deflect it, but that meant the left wasn't there to hold me up. Came down on the elbow with the weight still in hand. So my weight and the weight of the kettlebell. Today my elbow hurts for anything that puts pressure on it, like push-ups etc.

Tang Soo Do - Three red belts (highest color belt before Dan / Black Belt). 2 3rd gups, 1 2nd gup (me) so we spent the class on cleaning up our basic motions, then did one step fighting, not allowed to repeat any attack (left then right then no more use). I didn't even hit half of what I knew, against 3 people. Then Bassai, and Chilson Il Ru.

Walked around the area for a little bit. Tossed some Disc Golf frisbees around, checked out the pro-shop.

Forgot to use my HRM, Tuesday and today at TSD, it didn't start for ETK Thursday Night, and I didn't take it for the walk. But I'm probably between 5000 and 6000 (if not over the later) for this weeks calorie count. I'll have to do better next week for wearing it.

Walked around for a while. My legs are tight.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

After TSD

So after I got home from Tang Soo Do, I still had to do ETK for day 2. 10 min warm up. Got 5 rounds. First round was hard, my body didn't want to let me do anything. I could barely squat, the halos burned and the pumps... They made me want to cry.

The Get up Portion, my left side has lost all stabilization. It sucked. I'd be in the bent over part of the TGU, and my arm would be wobbling every which way. But only the left side. Right side was locked in great the whole time.

I was trying to pull the shoulder blade back and down (toward the opposite hip) but I think the pushing to the ceiling is what undid all that work. I think I'll try some windmills tonight when I get home with the 24kg bell. After the push-ups and pull-ups, but before the fit deck.

Forgot the HRM last night.

I was so excited to be back to Tang Soo Do, that I completely forgot to put on my Heart Rate Monitor. It was even in the bag.

The kid's class had 10 kids in it. 2 of them were new. Hoping that more show up soon. I did the kids class warm up, and the adults were all there by 7pm, which was nice and different. We got to go to the ICE RINK part of the community center to warm up. There was no ice on the rink.

Warm up was a killer. Jumping jacks, Plyometric jumps, push ups, V-ups, 2 laps around the ice rink along the boards. Stretching, more jumps, 1 lap around the boards backwards. Lower Block, Upper block, middle punch and horse back punch goal line to goal line.

I felt good and ready for the rest of the class. Back to the normal class room. Almost everyone was whining about it was supposed to be a warm up not a kill us. We did more basic motions, and my back started to cramp up. It was strange.

One steps, forms, and sparing. The only person who wasn't complaining about the kill us workout before class couldn't keep up with me. I was trowing slop against him. he was throwing slop back against me. I didn't care though. He's taller with a longer reach. I was moving faster, other people noticed I was moving faster than I was before the 6 week break. Anyway the guy's taller than me, and uses his reach as his best weapon. I closed in on him hard and jammed him up. I'm not used to fighting like that yet, so I have to throw slop.

Part way though the sparing round, he was doubled over sucking wind again, complaining that the workout took more out of him than he realized. I did the same workout, plus worked out with the kids, and I was still going. Maybe I'll let him in on the secret. eat some carbs before class.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Holy Wow

4 workouts today.

As I said, I've restarted all programs at week 1.

day 1 push up challenge. was rushed. I did bad, but passed the required.
The last 3 sets were in under a minute, instead of a minute rest between each.

ETK: 5 rounds warm up. 7 sets of swings.

Returned to Yoga tonight. Jogged to it, and from it. It was great, we tore though hard, and did some advanced stuff.

Something New:
Band Assisted pull-ups. I was going to do 5 sets of 3 reps, but messed up my count and did 6 sets. with 1 min rest between them.

ETK was hard. I'll say that. Back has been sore since I got up, yoga and the pumps helped to remind me of that fact. I did ETK last tonight, which I think is part of the reason I found it so hard to do.

Over all, I feel accomplished, and good.

Order of workouts:
push ups
pull ups

20 mins between push and pull
30 mins between pull and yoga
2 hours between yoga and ETK.

Tomorrow... Tang Soo Do. and I'm lighter. I could fit into a size 5 uniform, but won't wear it just yet.

I'm a slacker

232 lbs

For the last 3 weeks I haven't been working out. It started because of my shoulder (which is still a little tender, or was when I was on the floor filling out the oversized calender, I chart my workouts on).

Last week I worked lots of long hours. mostly because the day was flying by, and I didn't realize how much time had passed. At one point I'd look at my watch and it'd be 9pm (12 hour day).

The thing is, that's just all excuses. I think I worked out 3 times last week. It should have been more.

I made the calander, something I didn't do the last 2 weeks, I just put it off.

today's list (restarting all programs at week 1):
100 push-up challenge
pull-ups 5 sets of 3 reps

Thinking about it, I don't know what I'm going to do about it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

see if I can do better this week

233 lbs.

Last week I only made it to day 2 in ETK and push-ups. I'm just finding it hard to get back in to the grove of working out. Also had some other things that interfered with working out, like spending all night in the ER with a friend.

Going to set up the July calendar tonight after work. and start crossing it off again. That should help some.

Saturday I did Grease the Grove style workouts with band assisted pull ups and dips. Although the last set, I did with no bands. But could only do 2 each, and even those were struggles.

Yesterday, I showed off a 16 kg kettlebell to a friend from high school haven't seen him in a few years. We went to fireworks with another of our friends. Did a couple of snatches, and a couple of windmills. 1 1-arm push up on each side.

Today's push-ups, 100 push up challenge, week 2, day 1 (again):

Oh and today starts the first week of 3 a days 3 to 4 days a week. :(

Thursday, July 2, 2009



42 calories.
9 minutes. with 90 seconds between sets. First set to second set was longer, because I failed to start the timer. Hit the wrong button on my watch.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's been long

got home from work last night, did ETK week 2, day 2. (Remember I dropped back 1 week after injury). Still Holding at 5 per side on my Turkish Getups.

Ate bread on PB really quickly, since I only had 10 minutes to get to power core. Yes it was a bad idea.

I was going to take my 80lbs heavy bag in a fireman's carry, and jog. However I couldn't manage the bag, the water bottle and the yoga mat at the same time. I also ended up having to postpone my leaving. So I ended up driving to the class.

Worked hard, but now that my weight is going down, I don't seem to be burning as many calories. I did a HRM test just before I stopped working out because of my shoulder.

Power Core was a good class though. We even had a 4 minute cardio set. Oh so much fun.

Then I got home, im'd a friend to see how her doctor's appointment went. She called me, and basically moaned in pain. Turns out that she went back to the ER yesterday morning and they sent her home, but she was in pain again. Her doctor's office on-call told her to go back to the ER, and she wanted me to take her. Got there at 9pm. At almost 5am the doctor came in (this is after a bunch of tests) said that they can't find anything wrong. However this was the 4th trip to the ER for this problem since Friday Night. They finally agreed to admit her.

ER exam room chairs, and waiting room chairs, are not the best place to try to sleep. My back is really sore today. I only got about an hour's sleep at the hospital, and that was because my body was at the point where it said "you pass out now".