Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Open Letter to AT&T

Dear AT&T:

On occasion to support my position at work I have to use my home system. One of the things I do is run Nmap (network mapper) on work's Net-Block. I use it to find out what ports are open, and make sure that only the ones that should be are open. I usually do this via an SSH connection from work.

Each time, coming home. I've had problems using my home PC. Trying to access anything on the internet, anything that wasn't an active session when AT&T / 2WIRE did their magic, brings up a page an error page. Other things, like my mail monitoring tool don't have that problem and when I opened my web email, it worked. However going to other sites from there brings back up the error page, and sets off ABE (application boundaries enforcer).

The error page says it's detected "a router behind a router". Which isn't the case. To "FIX / Resolve" the issue, places my home system INTO A NON-PROTECTED DMZ is not an acceptable solution. While I don't have a lot of ports open, I'd still prefer if people didn't have easy access to them. Here is section saying that everything is open.

"Allow all applications (DMZplus mode) – Set the selected computer in DMZplus mode. All inbound traffic, except traffic which has been specifically assigned to another computer using the “Allow individual applications” feature, will automatically be directed to this computer. The DMZplus-enabled computer is less secure because all unassigned firewall ports are opened for that computer."


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