Saturday, August 29, 2009

Four lies and one martial arts fact

Jesse at The Martial Explorer has tagged me in a silly internet blogger chain-meme-thingie. (copying and pasting with minor edits the first 2 paragraphs and the question at the end). I don't have any regular Martial Arts readers that I can think of, so if you do Martial Arts, and read this, consider yourself tagged. I also don't normally do these (friends comment about me not doing them when they tag me elsewhere), but it could be fun.

The meme works as follows. You post five things about yourself. Four are untrue. One is true. All are so outlandish, implausible or ridiculous that no one would be inclined to believe that any of them are true. And despite the pleas from your readers, you never divulge which is true and which are fabrications. You then tag five other people (four seriously and one person you are pretty sure would never participate).

1) I threw up on my Grand Master at the club Christmas Dinner when I was a kid.

2) I broke my foot doing a kidnapping drill in the Kid's class.

3) I threw my partner through the judging table on my 4th gup test.

4) I once did 200 punishment push-ups.

5) I had my 2nd gup test canceled in the middle of it, so I could be rushed to the ER after having my hand cut open during the knife and club defense part.

Do you know which one is the truth?


Jesse Crouch said...

Man, I think I can imagine most of these to be true. I'm tempted to say 4, but I'm going to guess 5.

Chris J said...

jesse crouch

Should have gone with your first instinct.

It was number 4. The total number for the night was 250 for talking in class. The DAN gave me and the other kid 50 each. We did them. Quickly. He didn't believe us so he got 2 higher ranks to watch us do the original 50 + another 100 for lying to him, the higher gups added another 50 because of how we were counting. One of us would count odd the other the evens, even though we were doing the the other one counted.

Everything but number 1 was based on a true event but modified slightly.

Chris J said...

Ok, since it's been a little while, I'll post the answers, and how I came up with the statements.

1) false. I was reaching for straws and wanted something off the wall. this was the best I could do. We didn't do the christmas dinner thing when I was a kid, at least I don't remember doing it. The ones I've been two, I've seen a master and dan be GIVEN their next rank, but never seen anyone throw up.

2) False, but based on 2 things that did happen. In the late 90s early 00s, we did practice the drill where one of the instructors would grab a kid and try to leave the room with them. As I was going out the door, the kid kicked off the door jam, and my foot caught the stopper on the bottom of the door, dislocating my little toe. A few weeks later during break falls, I went beyond the end of the matt and broke my heal smashing it on the floor.

3) Is false, but based on 2 of the current 3rd gup's tests. While the guy didn't go through the table, he did end up on the table on his back, after being thrown.

4) This is the true one. See the post above to see the details

5) False. I never tested for 2nd gup, I was double promoted. It's actually based on one of the Master's tests. He cut his hand on the test, but instead of canceling it (like I thought that had) they taped his hand, and he continued. To give you an idea of how bad-ass this master his, he did his Master's (4th dan) test with a brace on his back. He wasn't out of the hospital long after breaking his back

I was tempted to use something else as my true. I've been double promoted on every test. Which at the time was true. My last test was after the original post, and it's the first time I wasn't double promoted, even though the score is good enough to be. However, I have been told, they can't double promote you to a dan.