Wednesday, January 27, 2010

yeah, I'm out of shape

Tonight was a gross reminder of that fact.

set of 10 one handed swings per side. 2x without putting the bell down
set of 10 right shoulder presses
set of 10 left shoulder presses
set of 10 right snatches
set of 10 left snatches
set of 5 per side cleans

set of 10 one handed swings per side. 2x without putting the bell down
set of 10 right shoulder presses
set of 10 left shoulder presses
set of 10 right snatches
set of 10 left snatches

set of 10 per side one hand swings (only made it one time this time)
set of 10 per side rows

set of 10 chest press, bell in each hand.

everything was done at 16 kg. I'm wet, I'm regretting the 3 vegie dogs at dinner, and the triskets and cheese. I'm mad at myself for being this out of shape. I'm mad that I couldn't do more (I only got to the half way point of doing 100 per side).

I'm in general not happy with my lack of performance. I needed to take long rests through out the stupid workout. I didn't have a plan when I walked in the room I did the workout in. All I thought I'd do was grab a kettlebell and swing it while listening to the Ramones.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I don't remember when I started reading it, but I have finally finished Bruce Schneier's Beyond Fear. It was worth the read, but just took forever.

I finished it lat night at work, while waiting for virtual servers to identify themselves on boot, so they could be put in the right places.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Because I just don't have enough to do

Even though I'm working on a full plate right now:

  • Studying for the Security+ exam

  • dealing with post move crap at work (testing tools, working 6 days+ a week, etc)

  • signing up for a 4 week Python class

  • training for my Black Belt test

  • learning electronics from Make:Electronics

  • trying to finish a book I've been reading for too long, a couple of months

I've decided to volunteer to do a book review. Earlier this week I got a Hacking for Dummies, third edition. I posted on a forum (part of a much larger site) I'm on that the book is out, and asked if anyone else has had time to read it yet.

The site admin asked if anyone wanted to review it. I said I'd like to but was too busy. Then about 30 minutes later I edited the post and said yeah I'd like to, but it'll take me at least 2 weeks to get it done. I haven't heard anything since then, but I've gone out and got a new pen and a note book just for taking notes while reading the book. I read the 2nd edition of the book but didn't have anything to play along with as I was going. This time I'm going to follow along on the laptop, which has 3 operating systems on it right now, and will have a few more before I'm done. (VirtualBox is nice).

I think it'll make some decent resume fodder.

Still been busy

I got a new battery for my laptop. It's a 9 cell. Cost way more than I wanted to pay for one. But it's nice to sit in other places than my desk to do things on my laptop. It's also nice not having to be tied to a power outlet. The old battery was so dead, that if the battery was in the laptop, it wouldn't even boot.

The other night had an interesting conversation in it. I stopped by Kim's Martial Arts Supply in Ann Arbor before going to class. I had to pick up 2 uniforms. One for the Master's son, and one for my brother. Since the parking garage gives dirty looks and complain when they're given anything larger than a $5.00 for less than an hours worth of parking (and they complain about 5s too) because it's 45¢, I stopped and got a coffee.

I didn't have the uniforms, they come wrapped in a clear bag, in a bag to carry them. So I set them on the counter while I got my money out. The guy behind the counter looked at the bagged white cloths, and asked what they were. I told him. He asked the usual questions, are you on the way to class, what do you study, how long have you studied, where's the school. I told him all the answers. When I said where the school was, he got a blank look on his face for a minute, and then realized where it was, and was blown away. I was in A^2, and had to drive to Allen Park. 40 miles away from class.

I think I broke his mind on that one.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I've been busy....

Work has rough been. I went most of November, and December without time off (even weekends). There were some insane hours (as you've seen below). Mostly, the only days I got off were company holidays, but that didn't even hold true for all the holidays.

I've picked up hobby electronics. Make: Electronics is a great book. I've just finished exercise 4. I had some issues with my Multi-Meter not working right in the circuit when I wanted to test the current. Using a 1k resistor, a 5k potentiometer, and 4 AA batteries. I was getting a number higher than the possible current of the circuit. Bought a non-auto-ranging Meter today at Lowes. It did what the other one wasn't supposed to do. Now I just need some lemons for Exercise 5.

Haven't been working out. I did 30 swings last night with my 16kg kettlebell and man did I feel it in the glutes. They're still sore.

But over all I'm in a fairly good mood (Today). I even skipped across the parking lot at whole foods. Yes, I said skipped. It was fun.