Saturday, January 23, 2010

Because I just don't have enough to do

Even though I'm working on a full plate right now:

  • Studying for the Security+ exam

  • dealing with post move crap at work (testing tools, working 6 days+ a week, etc)

  • signing up for a 4 week Python class

  • training for my Black Belt test

  • learning electronics from Make:Electronics

  • trying to finish a book I've been reading for too long, a couple of months

I've decided to volunteer to do a book review. Earlier this week I got a Hacking for Dummies, third edition. I posted on a forum (part of a much larger site) I'm on that the book is out, and asked if anyone else has had time to read it yet.

The site admin asked if anyone wanted to review it. I said I'd like to but was too busy. Then about 30 minutes later I edited the post and said yeah I'd like to, but it'll take me at least 2 weeks to get it done. I haven't heard anything since then, but I've gone out and got a new pen and a note book just for taking notes while reading the book. I read the 2nd edition of the book but didn't have anything to play along with as I was going. This time I'm going to follow along on the laptop, which has 3 operating systems on it right now, and will have a few more before I'm done. (VirtualBox is nice).

I think it'll make some decent resume fodder.

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