Sunday, January 17, 2010

I've been busy....

Work has rough been. I went most of November, and December without time off (even weekends). There were some insane hours (as you've seen below). Mostly, the only days I got off were company holidays, but that didn't even hold true for all the holidays.

I've picked up hobby electronics. Make: Electronics is a great book. I've just finished exercise 4. I had some issues with my Multi-Meter not working right in the circuit when I wanted to test the current. Using a 1k resistor, a 5k potentiometer, and 4 AA batteries. I was getting a number higher than the possible current of the circuit. Bought a non-auto-ranging Meter today at Lowes. It did what the other one wasn't supposed to do. Now I just need some lemons for Exercise 5.

Haven't been working out. I did 30 swings last night with my 16kg kettlebell and man did I feel it in the glutes. They're still sore.

But over all I'm in a fairly good mood (Today). I even skipped across the parking lot at whole foods. Yes, I said skipped. It was fun.

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