Saturday, January 23, 2010

Still been busy

I got a new battery for my laptop. It's a 9 cell. Cost way more than I wanted to pay for one. But it's nice to sit in other places than my desk to do things on my laptop. It's also nice not having to be tied to a power outlet. The old battery was so dead, that if the battery was in the laptop, it wouldn't even boot.

The other night had an interesting conversation in it. I stopped by Kim's Martial Arts Supply in Ann Arbor before going to class. I had to pick up 2 uniforms. One for the Master's son, and one for my brother. Since the parking garage gives dirty looks and complain when they're given anything larger than a $5.00 for less than an hours worth of parking (and they complain about 5s too) because it's 45¢, I stopped and got a coffee.

I didn't have the uniforms, they come wrapped in a clear bag, in a bag to carry them. So I set them on the counter while I got my money out. The guy behind the counter looked at the bagged white cloths, and asked what they were. I told him. He asked the usual questions, are you on the way to class, what do you study, how long have you studied, where's the school. I told him all the answers. When I said where the school was, he got a blank look on his face for a minute, and then realized where it was, and was blown away. I was in A^2, and had to drive to Allen Park. 40 miles away from class.

I think I broke his mind on that one.

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