Monday, February 1, 2010

sometimes its hard to be ethical

I was doing a work related windows install over the weekend. Since it was a laptop with a wireless network card, and windows, it popped up the different access points around me. Most were 2wire, or 2wire with their names changed (I remember there being more 2wires systems (AT&T) before).

There were some intersting names. One the default linksys name (but was locked down) one with the person's name "MzSomethingorother" (and not locked down). One even had wireless with the apartment number behind it (Wifi1234)

One however, was listed as "We are not Scared". It was showing locked. But no idea what kind of protection, wep, wpa, wpa2, etc.

I kept staring at it, and so wanted to try and pen-test it. Just to see how well protected they were to toss out a "challenge" like that. However that wouldn't have been ethical.

I did take the higher path and not messed with it, but I'd still like to find out if there are people in the area who have taken the lower path, and have gone after it.

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