Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'll have to repeat today, tomorrow.

4-4-3-2-1. Minute between sets. Problems is, I goofed. All the other ones, I gripped the bar (last 9 days). Tonight I hanged just from the fingers, thumbs tucked at the side, but not around the bar like usual.

First 4, were trouble. Only got my nose over the bar. Second 4, I had to stop and adjust the grip and then finish. 3 I realized what I did wrong. Last 2 sets were better.

I also psyched myself out on doing the pull ups. Looked at the number and first though was no way. Should have been bring it. but just not feeling it today over all. Just physically zapped. Had to rely on caffeine to not fall asleep at work.

Oh well. It the set back like this that makes you push harder the next time. Means I'll finish Friday instead of tomorrow.

Other thing, with today's grip, my elbow hurts. not bad, just hey you messed up dummy kind of way.

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