Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I knew I was stressed but.....

I knew I was stressed with the Dan test but I didn't realize it was THAT BAD.

I've felt great since the test. Before I got the certificate even. Like a huge weight was lifted off me. Actually, I felt that way during the test, even though I was making mistakes.

The thing is, I knew the upcoming test was stressing me out, but I didn't realize how bad. There were things I said I'd do, like the FTP server (not working from the outside), and I started cleaning up the crap from the spare bed room / study.

Even though I could have used the space, I left the back room a mess for a whole month. I'd look at it and feel like it was too much. Actually I felt that way about a lot of things lately. However since Saturday, I haven't felt that way as much. The room is still a mess, mostly with empty boxes or stuff waiting to go to the Recycling center. However, I got the room back to a working condition. I can actually get to things in there now, like my study desk. The stuff I'm keeping has been boxed back up, and put back along the wall. Might move things around not sure yet.

But mostly I feel good.

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