Sunday, May 2, 2010

more on FTP

So thinking about it, I don't think I'll do a true anonymous download. Instead it'll be semi-anonymous. If it was just videos of the adults from the school, I wouldn't care. However there will be videos of kids from the kids class too.

Mostly the videos are of us doing our forms so we can see what we're doing wrong instead of just being told what we're doing wrong.

Stats on the ftp server:

Server: old desktop p3, 30gb hard drive
OS: Debian Testing
packages: vsftpd, ntp, tripwire, snort, fail2ban, xfce4, xdm, minicom, cutecom, and putty (this is also the box I use for console access to my cisco lab).
Accounts: root, mine, one of the masters, and a download account (shared for everyone).

All that's left to do is get the FTP, NTP, and fail2ban configured. Oh and the accounts.

Installed from net-inst cd, slimline (see linux journal) without the laptop. Used the article for the X windows manager.

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