Friday, May 21, 2010

something funny from yesterday

So yesterday (5/19/2010), I went to the Ann Arbor Virtual User Group meeting. It was my first one. I was told about the group after talking about VM production systems at an ARBSEC meeting.

I was talking to the guy that was running the show yesterday, Rod, (while hitting the pizza buffet), and mentioned my one "big" complaint about Virtualization. It's how the Virtual Host passes the network to the Virtual Guests.

The host will take the wired, wireless, or carrier pidgin based network, and display it to the Virtual Machine Guest as a wired network. Even though you're connected over wifi, the VM thinks it's got an Ethernet cable plugged into it. Which 99% of the time is fine. However, if you WANT you're VM to have wifi, you have to have a system that will pass the usb adapter (VirtualBox and VMWare both do this, or so I'm told and read). This is also part of the reason I bought the Alfa Wireless Adapter for the WiFu class.

Rod asked why I would want a wireless card on a VM anyway. I said for packet injection. My main interest is computer security, I'm here because I maintain the VMs at work. He looked at me and said I should go check out ArbSec and meet Jon O, the guy that runs it, if I was interested in security. I started laughing. I looked Rod in the eyes and said "but he's the one that told me about this group, at an ArbSec a couple of months ago".

The other cool thing last night, I ran into one of my former college professors (had him back in 1999 I think). He was sitting across from me. Started talking. I stopped him, asked his name. He really didn't remember me, but that's ok. I could have told him a few things that would have reminded him of who I was, but didn't want to scare him. Like the fact I'd been to his house when I was his student. Had to do with losing my text book right before the final, and he had found it.

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