Saturday, October 25, 2008

Armored Up

Got ETK in under the wire. Man, the phrase is FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! and NO MAS! NO MAS!! My lower back hurts, I know the last two sets of swings. I would have got one more of the set in, if I hadn't had to psych myself back up at a few points, which killed time.

I put my under armor on, my shorts, and a shirt, along with my five fingers (I want the cold weather ones now). Grabbed my 24kg bell, and went to the garage.

Tonight, 1 day late, day 4.

3 sets in 10 minutes:
wall squats x10
Halos X10
pumps x10 (still hate these, no better at them yet, still have to stop way too much).

12 minutes of glory? I made it further kiddies.
2 handed swings x20

58 jumping jacks in 1 minute

Right handed Swing x20

1 minute mountain climbers. I moved them up a notch, half were just switch feet in a push up, the other half were knee to opposite elbow... well moved that way anyway About a foot away from touching.

Left hand swings x20

Subbed 1 minute pushup to a squat thrust with 1 minute jumping pullups. I tired assisted but the body would just not cooperate.

Hand 2 Hand swings x20

Shuttle Jog (think shuttle run,but done at a jog) up and down the driveway for one minute I was working out in the garage, lost time opening and closing the garage door...

2 handed swings x20

59 jumping jacks in 1 minute, I problaby would have hit 62 if I hadn't stopped with 20 seconds to go to see how much time was left.

2 handed Swings x20 again.

Colapsed for the last 30 seconds, on my hands and keens trying to get back into the mountain climber position.

By the way it was cold out side. After I was done, I came in, swapped my shorts for pants, and walked around the block. That's when I really started to feel the pain in my lower back, which I knew was from the last 2 sets of swings. I was barely able to swing when I was doing them.

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