Monday, October 27, 2008

Feels good

"Dinner" sat like a rock last night. It was a peperoni and cheese roll. I know bad, very bad. Didn't even taste that great. Too much grease, which is why I'm not a fan of pepperoni to begin with. Then sleep took forever to claim me, only got about 5 hours. That'll catch up later I'm sure.

Sides are sore from yesterday, and my body was slightly stiff when I got up. Took a little bit before I could have both eyes open at one time (too much light). With both eyes open, I couldn't read anything, it looked like trying to read through water. Its been this way most of my life, so I'm used to it. Only really a problem when I wake up in the dark, and hit the lights or turn on the computer monitor. If I get up and it's already light outside, I don't have a problem with it.

Redoing ETK week 1.
Warm-up: Already seeing a huge improvement. I started, realized I wanted my shoes after 4 squats, put them on and restarted.

Still only 3 sets, but I actually had time to start a 4th one, and may have made it too, but it would have been hard with the pumps, would have really had to push it. Since I like three sets, I took a 2 minute water break.

Wall squats x10 (first few hard, because my legs were stiff)
halo x10 (Captain would squawk each time the bell went behind my head).
pumps x10 (I actually got 5 in a row in sets 2 and 3, that's an increase from last week).

Main Workout: Way less resting. push-ups to a squat thrust still a problem.
2 handed Swing x20
jumping jacks 1 min
right hand swings x20
mountain climbers 1 min
left hand swings x20
push-up to a squat thrust 1 minute (only got 5, and the 5th one launched the bird (spooked him and he took off for another part of the house)).
2 hand swings x20
jog 1 minute (in place, I liked Day 3 last week better, up and down the driveway, but would rather workout in the house for now)
2 hand swings x20 (would have went to 1 hand but didn't know who far I would make it).
Jumping Jacks 1 min
2 hand swings x20 (should have been 2 sets of 1 hand swings)
mountain climbers 1 min. I modified this set, more of a kick back than a mountain climber.
2 hand swing x20 (American active swings, I raced the clock. got to 15, but finished the set off anyway).

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