Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It's time for work's monthly policy audit. Those are so much fun. People going to sites that they shouldn't during work hours. You'd think if they were going to do that, that they would at least try to hide it, by bouncing it off an off site server over SSH.

Plus I had to get a server ready for presentation tomorrow. It's a tools server, and I have to walk people through how to use it at 4pm. So I didn't even get home tonight from work until 9:30. Left about 8:45.

Tonight's ETK:
warm-up: 10 minutes, 3 rounds of each (my shoulders popped on the first round up pumps and the left one is sore).
Wall Squat x10
Halos x10 (24kb kettlebell)
Pumps x10

5 minutes to do as many Turkish Get Ups, switching sides every one.
3 left, 3 right @ 24kg (53lbs).

It was hard. I wish I had 44s to practice with, but since I don't, and the point is to master the 53...


Jennifer said...

Way to get in there even though it was a late night. That's what it's gonna take to get where you want to be. And I didn't think the focus was on your middle. I think YOUR focus was on your middle.

Chris J said...

Jennifer, little confused about your last 2 sentences... can you elaborate?

Jennifer said...

the last 2 sentences pertain to your avatar. That help?

Chris J said...


Nope you're going to have to spell it out for me. When Debbi took the picture, she aimed down, so that wasn't my focus...

As for my size, that has always been my focus. I want it smaller, I'm not happy with myself in my current configuration. I want to lose 70lbs and be the size that I feel is me again. The 24kg and the 32kg are just tools to help get that goal (I hope anyway).

Jennifer said...

From an unbiased standpoint, I did not notice that the camera was pointed down. I understand the focus on size and wanting to be where you feel like your body is meant to be. Believe me; I understand. The 24 and 32 will help you get there if you make good friends of them. Remember though, about 70-75% of weight loss is what you choose to eat. Yes, I know the whole roommate thing, but you've got to adjust somehow.