Monday, October 20, 2008

"looks like your gut is getting bigger"

Comment someone made tonight. Sad fact it is. I'm between 3 to 5 pounds heavier than last week this time.

Tonight's workout:
10 minute warmup:
3 sets of the following (completed in 10 minutes, with breaks)
wall squats x10
halo x10 (using a 53lbs kettlebell)
pumps x10 (I fucking hate these, I can't do more than 5 at a time).

12 minutes of real work:
Swing x20
jumping jacks 1 min
swings x20
mountain climbers 1 min (believe it or not, I nailed these bad boys dead on for the firs time ever)
swings x20
pushup to a squat thrust 1 min (I did 3. well really just 1, the other 2 were Burpees, the rest of the time, longer than a minute, I spent walking around the house)
swings x20
jog 1 min (I jogged in place. knees were not high).
swing x20
jumping jacks 1 min.

15 minutes later, I tried day 1 of week 3, of the hundred push-up challenge. I can do 30 straight, but breaking it up I failed:
14 push-ups
1 min rest
18 push-ups
1 min rest
14 push-ups
1 min rest
7 push-ups and had to stop. The sheet said to do 14.
rested about 30 seconds
tried round 4 again, got 6.
Never made it to round 5.


Jennifer said...

Way to get in there! Keep it up. Like your avatar on AOS, btw.

Chris J said...

Have to do day 2, tonight though, and I'm not happy about that. I hate my schedule.

Thanks about the avatar. I snatched it, then waited for my friend to take the picture. She had the camera angled down a little, like she was focused on my waist.

I have another one, where I'm cleaning 2 24kg bells. I'll post that one here later.