Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Martial Arts tonight...

It was interesting.Andrea (my favorite black belt) was there. She hasn't been working out much lately (because she's being lazy after starting her new job) and has put on like 10lbs. I kept hearing her complain that her uniform was tight, and that she had gained weight. We did some kicks and hand work with focus mitts, she kept having to stop well before I did.

She was soaked like I was last night with the kettlebell. I barely broke a sweat.

Then we did a couple of forms. My higher forms are all jumbled together in my head, while I can remember my lower forms no problem.

Then it was time for the kids class to do forms, and we lost our practice space. After the kids class, the adult class started.

However tonight was movie night. Looks like Thursday will be too. One of the masters (and he is damn good), recently had a bunch of his home videos converted to DVD and was showing us the martial arts club the way it used to be. It was sad, kind of, seeing Master O (my first master, and founder of our club). He passed away in 94. It was educational too... but we'll probably do it again Thursday. Which means my plans for the week are all in wack.

However that might not be a bad thing. My glutes hurt from last night, and it means I can practice kettlebells again tomorrow, instead of using it as a rest day, like I had planned.

Original Plan: Sun, Mon Kettlebell work. Tue MA. Wed rest. Thur MA. Fri maybe KB maybe rest. Sat MA, rinse and repeat.

New plan: Sun, Mon, Kettlebell. Tue, ma movie. Wed Kettlebells. Thur MA movies(?). Firday Kettlebell, Sat MA, start next week all over again.

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