Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today will suck.

I'm behind in ETK again. I hate Tuesdays. And they hate me. Thursdays are almost as bad. My biggest problem is, I got to bed after mid-night, and don't get up when the alarm goes off. Only reason I got up at 6am today is due to the fact I have to take something to work and get it there early.

Round 1 (this morning)
ETK day 2.
3 warm up drils
4/4 turkish get-ups.

I'm having problems with my right arm being locked in and stable this morning. I'd pull the shoulders together and then start, but by the time, I was on my left hand, the arm wouldn't be locked in. First time I've had this problem. In fact I dropped the bell... On Captain's travel cage... Thankfully he was on his regular cage. Doesn't look like it's damaged. But I'll have to take it out of the backpack and check later.

Tonight when I get home, before martial arts I'll do round 2, which will be day 3 of the etk.
Then go to martial arts. For today round 3.

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