Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I don't know about the self defense class

I'm not too sure about the class. I went to that seminar over the weekend. And they taught, in my opinion, junk.

I know some of the people I work with say they like my teaching. I was asked tonight by the coordinator if I still wanted to teach it, since my first month teaching ended tonight.

I do want to keep teaching it, but last week, I hurt at least one of the female students. The one in the women only class. We were doing grab break aways, and I didn't try to hurt her, but something in her wrist popped.

The second class, I was trying to have the woman in that break the re-breakable board. I think I had her try too many times though. She didn't show up tonight.

The guy from the co-ed class showed up early. Since there was no one there for the women's class, we started early. He liked it... About half way through what would have been 2 hours training (it took me some time to get the ankle brace on), we did some knife and club techniques. He wanted to, been asking for 2 weeks to do some more. I would have preferred to cover it near the end of the class, but we did it in the middle.

We have rubber knives but they still hurt if you get hit. Anyway, I had his arm barred, in a standing position. Showed him how to do the bar, but he didn't think it would work if someone was fighting you on it. We're standing wrestling, and yeah he couldn't move, and I said and now all I have to do is straighten my leg against yours, and push. I've done this more times than I can count in martial arts. Didn't do it hard, didn't do it forcefully, and we both went down. His knee was swelling up, when he left. pretty bad, you could see it through his jeans.

My ankle hurts even more, because when his knee went, the way we went down, and since it was right to right, guess what got trapped and twisted under him.

I'm wearing one of those sock style braces right now. doesn't seem to do much though. Going to wear it all night, or close to it, to give it some more support.

I just fear that if I keep hurting people, and I'm not trying too, that I'll have no one wanting to come train under me. My confidence is shook right now is all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I don't remember if I mentioned it last week or not. But we had a guy that was let go. Not in my work group, but under the same director as I. Anyway... I was tasked with making backups of his boxes and data. Up to today, I though the only had 2. I just found out, that he has 4. FOUR COMPUTERS!!!! I don't even have 4.

Just makes my job take longer. And I have other stuff to do, stuff like my normal job. Sigh.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another frozen photo

I like this one, just a little bit more...


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last week we had 2 people let go from where I work at. Right now I'm going through the first one's boxes. Oy. It has been rather interesting.

I still have todo the other person's box. His will be even more interesting since he had close to my level of access on the network.

The leap you read about.

Monday morning, I loaded Art of Strength Providence. I haven't done it in a while. Best I could usually do is through round 4. I made it through round 7. New personal best. I could have gone further, and I really wanted to quit after round 1, but between the bird, and the thrill of getting that far, and the hunger, since workout was before breakfast. I called it quits.

Monday night, I checked out the BJJ school. I liked it, it was fun. Interesting people. I think Yoga right now is the better choice for me. Between the cost, and the benefits.

Last night, was mad at TSD. I was in pain before getting there. It was hard and painful to change. My brother twisted his knee, so even in muscle pain, being exhausted and wanting to crash I carried him out to the car (he's only about 100lbs @ 26yo).

Still sore, and have Self defense in 15 minutes.

burning the candle at both ends, the lack of sleep and muscle pain from 2 really good MA workouts, and AOS Prov are catching up with me.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spash Down

The end of my flip

I tried to get the divers to move back, the guy on the dock tried to argue with me. They started moving as I flipped. I love how the one is covering his head.

Note, you have to click it to see the full size.

That was fun

So a little while back, I noticed a flier on the community bill board out in the stairway of my building. It was for "Frozen Leap" and every time they said leap, it was quoted. It was a fund raiser for the American Heart Association. You had to have at least 2 people per team that was going to "leap". I'm semi-anti-social. I get along well enough with people, I just don't like going outside. So I don't know many people here, and I couldn't get any friends to sign up. Last week, talking to Kat, the person who does the classes here, she said I could join the employee team. Signed up yesterday, even raised $55.00.

I went out and bought a black martial arts uniform. I didn't know what the water would do to my white uniforms, so I bought a black one. I can't wear it to class yet, but it's still nice. I was going to use my current belt, but don't know what the water and wash would do to it, so I dug out my blue belt, which is 4th and 3rd gup at Grand Master Drouillard's school. I studied under him for a few months, and got the belt to match his school.

So I got dressed in "costume" and went to the lake. Team I was on, was up first. I was the fourth jumper (and the last) from out team. I did a flip, landing on my back, which was planned. It was my standard I'm having fun entry when I'm scuba diving. I was going to have someone video it for me, so I could youtube it, but my camera wouldn't work. When I left home it was 26 degrees fahrenheit. The water was 33. It was the awesome. A guy taking pictures showed me what it looked like with his SLR. I guess only 2 other people did flips.

Next year, I want to be in good enough shape to do a hand stand.

Anyway, I jumped in, and sunk to the bottom... Which tells me, I'm still negatively buoyant, which means less fat than muscle Woot! I stayed down for a few seconds. Then slowly exited the water. They gave me a rescue blanket to wrap around me, I walked up with it hanging off my arm. Controlling my body to keep it from shivering (which was very hard) and slowly walked up the hill to the warm up tent.

It was so much fun. I'm hoping to get a coy of the video from the team captain on Monday.

by the way cross posting

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2 new students

So I had two new students in my Self Defense classes tonight.

The cute lady I have a small crush on from yoga was there for the Lady's class. I was running a little late, and came stumbling in, with all kinds of things in my arms. She was in there stretching out. The fact that she was there made me nervous. She seemed nervous the entire time. I think she was just reflecting back my nervousness to me... It was good though. Jumping jacks, ROM, squats and push-ups, basics, then did some break aways from grabs, and showed her a few things with the knife. Down side it was just me an her. So, being close to her, made me more nervous.

Second class had a new student. Female. It was pretty good. T, the guy there from last week practiced and you could tell. We covered a little knife, but did do the chokes. Which I said last week I'd show. They were both surprised at how easy it was. Warm up was he same as the first class. I didn't realize it until later, but I was soaked. I didn't think it was that warm either. Pants and shirt were both wet though.

Next week should be fun. Might even be more people. I can't wait to get equipment.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The usb version is faster

So yesterday at work, I killed my computer. I recovered it this morning. but because recovery could cause loss of data, I backed the box up first yesterday... Everything was still on the hard drive, but I deleted this tiny little partition that was needed to boot.

Last week we got a laptop in from a former sales associate. I don't know if I should laugh or feel insulted. He decided to "wipe" his hard drive before sending the company laptop back. One that he had his username, password, and EBAY account information taped too.

Anyway, I said last week I could recover it. One of the help desk people came over today and said that she was told to give it to me.

30 seconds after booting the thing with a USB Key with Linux (Knoppix) Installed, I was staring at the guy's data. Stupid users...

Seriously though, if you're going to delete your data, at least make it a challenge to get back. Do what I do, at least whipe the partition out. Deleting one boot file, not even worth the time really.

I started recovery on the laptop, but the fans were not running and it overheated. So I've re-did the boot with an external hard drive attached, and well the usb was faster to boot.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today in class

So I was called first. The 3rd degree black belt showed up about 3 minutes after I did. So he ran the class. Which was enough pressure off me. My teaching confidence is a little shook after the Self Defense class.

It was an informal class, so we didn't have to wear uniforms. It is the way that black belt rolls. Saturday is usually less formal, since it's a drop in class. We can get away with wearing black pants and not being a black belt on Saturday. Not that many of us do.

Nice stretching at the beginning. One of the green belts did the 5 minute warm up. Standard ROM, with deep squats. Then some stretch kicks. Then basic motions, then forms. Last 15 minutes was open, we did 1 steps.

By the time I got home, after going to the banks, and lunch, I crashed hard. Really tired. Right after I got into bed, the door "chime" rang. The box I was expecting Monday came today. Had the two practice knives and the blocker in it.

feel the pressure.

Years ago, I was working midnights and taking martial arts. I would show up around 6pm, which was when the kids class started. I did that because it gave me time to work out in the back of the class before the adult class at 7, mostly practice forms, and because if I didn't get up then and go, I'd be a sleep until 8:30. Just the way my sleep cycle worked. I'd wake up on my own around 5pm and either go back to sleep or get up. If I was up, I might as well do something.

After a while, they'd have me help in some capcity. I was only a low ranking orange belt (8th gup), but I was pretty good. They'd have me show the white belts forms. Show how to do falls (I'm good at those) and other things like that.

One day I showed up and the Master were not there. And the kids were running the class. The classes were taught at an old school, converted to a community center. I walked in and the janitor said he hoped I had a red or black belt hidden in my bag, because there were no adults there.

I walked in, and took control of the class. Asked if they had done things, and they hadn't. Things like bowing in and stretching. They took it upon themselves to get the heavy bag out and start there.

I took control of the class, no one argued. Not even those that out ranked me by 4 levels, the high ranking green belts (4th gups). The the first instructor showed up (the master that called me today, he was lower in rank then and not yet a master, or newly ranked as a master, I'm not sure now), and I turned the class over to him... The Head Instructor, The Master that was usually there at 6 for the kids class) showed up a few minutes later. He had been stuck in a traffic jam.

The master made a big deal, and I think part of it was for the parents, about I've been assisting and working with the kids for a while, I was really good, and for liability reasons if I was just a white belt, because I was over 18, that put me in charge since no one higher in rank was there. Being the adult, I automatically out ranked even the 16 yo black belts, if we had any. Again, just for liability reasons. That's when I really started working with the kids class, and I received my first double promotion shortly after that. (8th to 6th, but it's complicated they did away with the 8th gup rank when I was gone for several years and considered me a 7th gup orange belt, but that's not what my papers said).

Fast forward years later to today. I'm now a 1 stripe red belt (2nd gup). The Master that teaches the Saturday classes called me at 8am to tell me he wouldn't be there. He's been up most of the night sick. He said he didn't know who was going to show up, but I've been there pretty regularly lately. So as long as I, or the 3rd degree black belt, Marc are there, we can have class. Marc and his son (7th gup) are usually a little late, so I'll get the class started and turn it over when he gets there.

There have been times in the past, when they've asked me to be there at a certain time because they were going to be late. But this is the first time that they called me to say they won't be there and it's up to me. It's something my rank gives me the privilege to do, but it is still unexpected.

When I first told them about the Self Defense class to get permission to teach it, I said I didn't feel I had the right yet. They understood, and pointed out some of our Alaska clubs had red belts running the show until they could get a black belt. We have the Original Club in Allen Park Michigan, and 3 clubs in Alaska, with the Alaska head quarters being in Juno.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Last night at MA

So considering how well they fit the other week for yoga, I tried wearing my size 5 pants for martial arts last night. Big mistake. First water break I ran to the bathroom to change into my size 6. They were just too tight. So tight that it was distracting. not in the but area, but in the thighs and calves. They were interfering with my kicks. I'll try them again when I get down to around 225 to 230.

We did knife defense last night. It was great. some interesting kicks. Some forms, some other things...

I'm signed up for a self defense seminar on the 21st. That should be interesting. It's being put on by Hyperfit or it's owner I'm not sure which.

The bird made me mad this morning. He broke the zipper on my new coat. First bite he took and it broke a tooth. I threw him outside after he did it. Chased him around the front room, which he knows means he's been a bad bird. Actually opened the patio door and tossed him out. He flew around came back, I threw him out again. He did not like it. it was about 19f out when I did it. I don't know how much more of his biting and destructiveness I can take. He's been that way (bite and destructive since his wings grew back, and he could fly). He was very quiet when I let him back in. I put him in his cage, and there was no fuss. He squawked once, when I opened to the door to leave.

I was so mad when I left today, I forgot my lunch, which means going out to eat, and my other water bottle, which means once I'm done with 800ml, I'll have to get tap water. At least the machine that comes from is filtered, even if it does taste funny.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


200th post...

push ups:
26 (max required, 25)

sets 1 - 4, 60 seconds rest, set 5 90 seconds. My chest / shoulders hurt, I actually had to fight to get to 26.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Self Defense Class. the first night.

Tonight was the first Self Defense class that I taught. Remember there are 2 classes. One at 7:30 for the Ladies, and one at 8:30 open to everyone.

I know there is an 18yo. who wants to take the class, but she works Wednesday nights. She's going to request them off so she can come to both classes though. I'll wait and see what happens. She works security for the complex, and was checking people's identification when they came into the building.

I spent the first 45 minutes standing around barefoot and just talking to the group that gathered outside the class room. The group was some guy there just to hang out watching tv in the common area of the club house. The finger printing lady, the security lady, my boss (the co-coordinator who showed up to check in on me) and someone there for finger printing. It was all good, about 8:15 a guy showed up for the mixed class. The coordinator didn't really mind, she knew it was going to be dead, and I got to learn more about the complex, and the way some things work. She also got a copy of my waiver and let me know she needs a copy of my sign in sheet. Which I'm going to convert to a spread sheet.

The finger printing lady when and got changed after she got off work, and there wasn't a lot she could do in 15 minutes. I feel bad I wanted to do better but there was just so little time to actually do any thing. Nothing got practiced, just showed her how to stand and gave her an idea of how to make a fist, block and punch.

The one guy that showed up for the 8:30 class. Pretty cool. He's in to a lot of different things. He's studied fighting before, but never took a class. He liked to be ready for anything. Not a dooms day guy, just a modern day Renascence man. He picked things up quickly. We did jumping jacks, burpees, Range of Motion, a shuffle drill. I taught him how to make a fist, what to strike with, did basic punches and kicks, and how to break free of a grab. We did knuckle push ups (only 5) to re-enforce which knuckles to punch with.

He was surprised to see it on the Calendar and in the news letter (which came you yesterday), and was worried it was going to be about making lots of noise and running away. I said no I will teach you to fight, you should already know how to make a lot of noise and try to avoid those situations. But we'll cover that too. My goal is to teach you enough to keep you from becoming a statistic.

So I have one die hard student already. It'll be great to get more. I have a good feeling. Now I could only focus and not be so nervous. It wasn't a case of I don't know where to start, it was a case of what to do next. I have so much stuff I've learned over 23 years (checked my test papers and certs, I started December 1985), that I don't know what to teach next. Next week a quick review on breaking away from a grab, and I'll show a couple of different ways to get out of a choke.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

martial arts tonight

It was good. Didn't want to be there. Didn't get stretched out before starting, so I was stiff all night.

We did club defense at one point. that was fun, red belt (3rd gup) vs red belt (2nd gup, me). It was fun. We got to be different from everyone else.

The Self Defense class is on for tomorrow. I got home tonight and their was the news letter and the calendar on my door.

Monday, February 2, 2009

yeah, that sucks

Push ups, even a couple hours after yoga suck.


60 seconds between sets.

Yoga tonight

Yoga was good...

Myron (Sp?) is back. So instead of Tat running the class Myron ran it. Which meant video instead an instructor and having someone to fix your bad stances. Also meant that I had no idea what half the poses were. The good news is, I'm now part of the core group. At least for Monday Yoga.

We all did wheel. Ie the bridge. Which was an improvement from last time when I was alone. It was way easier too. Wonder why I cant' do them at Martial Arts... Then The head stands... I actually got both feet over head and held it for about 10 to 15 seconds. The second time I went to far with the lifting of the feet. Went all the way over, rolled out of it quite nicely. Got complements on being able to.

I hate to say it. The videos are hard, but I think Tat's classes are harder, and I enjoy them more.

Karate Depot rocks

About 2 years ago, a friend told me about Karate Depot. Since then I've looked to them for most of my Martial Arts shopping needs. Depending on the time I have to have the equipment, I may pay more by going to a brick and mortar store than ordering on line, but sometimes the online deals are too good to pass up.

I've had 2 orders with Karate Depot so far. The first one was through their amazon page. I ordered a re-breakable board. They say it's the equivalent of just over an inch and a quarter thick. I acctually use the board a bit, and have been really happy with it.

This time I ordered some equipment for the Self Defense class I'll be teaching. I ordered 2 rubber knives and a foam blocker. I looked at other places, and thought that Karate Depot had the best price.

I know that several other students I train with at the martial arts school, use Karate Depot for their uniforms, and I'm really impressed on how they look.

I'm also looking forward to getting some other things from there. Brick and mortar stores for karate equipment are are around here. There is an over specialized store called Kim's in Ann Arbor, and they do have some great stuff, but they're prices are 2x that of what I can get at Karate Depot.

I think my only problem with KD, is they give too many options for shipping. It was nice, but confusing on which one I really should choose.

If you have any martial arts needs definitely check out Karate Depot.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've been fighting 1 for the last few weeks. I can do it, but not cross 2.

Today, 1 unassisted was to the chest. 2 was chin over the bar.

I'm getting better at pull ups. WOOT!!!

figures this would happen after I ordered more bands

one hunderd pushups....

Did my exhaustion test today, the one after week 2.

42 straight push ups. That's a 7 push up improvement from about a month ago when I did the test (took two weeks wait before starting the program).

Month later

Body Fat check today with tape measure.

43 inches at the waist (belly button)
45 inches at the hips
13 inches around the forearm
7 inches at the wrist.

There numbers this time:
You have 23.4% body fat. You have 55.7 Pounds of fat and 182.3 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water).

That means my percent of body fat is the same. I've lost 1.6 pounds of fat and 5.4 pounds of muscle...

I don't buy it.